Transaction Services Interview Questions

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“Discuss some of your experiences with integrations in your past work life.”

“Describe a time when you did not have the proper information or resources to complete your expected task and how did you handle the situation?”

“What do you know about Global Transactions Services?”

“On a scale of 1-10, rate your ability in the following three areas: 1. Writing skills, 2. Presentation skills, 3. Leadership skills”

“Got a brain teaser about a 6x6 cube that was being dipped into paint. If you took off each later that was touched with paint 3 times, what type of cube would be left?”

“Something along the lines of "describe a time where you had to use your analytical skills to solve a problem."”

“Tell me what's going on in the economy.”

“Are you interviewing with other firms?”

“If a hedge fund client wanted to buy a belly-up development site in Florida that had mixed uses, how would you go about valuing the asset and developing a suggested purchase price?”

“Case Question: Our client (Company A) is acquiring a company (Company B) that produces two products. One product is the one A is interested in. The other is one that B has built its reputation on but...”

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