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“-Nothing too difficult it unexpected
-Other Managing Translators and my supervisor cautioning me about the demanding nature of the work and the strong emphasis in timeliness of projects with…”

“I did not give the right answers, VP told me he was giving me "behavioral questions", and he said they were looking for "out of the box employees". He kept distracting me with his Jeff Goldblum…”

Translator at AirWatch

Jul 10, 2013

“What is your experience with the technical field?”

“A computer psychological test performed on old equipment.”

“Are you willing to work remotely?”

“Not getting a formal interview. not even via phone.
They put me to work as soon as I established contact.”

Translator at Rotary

Apr 28, 2010

“This job can be very boring, how would you deal with that?”

“They didn't ask any questions: somebody recommended me (who, they never tell).”

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