Transportation Equipment Manufacturing interview questions

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“How do u check what is insied the balck box”

“They asked how I would handle dealing with a difficult person and what I would do about it.”

“All questions were behavioral and nothing specifically difficult.”

“When would we exspect to receive a hire date?”

“Can you handle very stressful situations?”

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“Are youbready to work 7 days per week?”

“Just scenario-based. Asked about ISD theories and practices. Typical.”

“What can be improved in op amps to further increase their performance?”

“You are at work and you get three calls one from the CEO, one from your friend in another department, and one from an angry employee. The CEO cannot access his email, your friend cannot print, and...”

“Name a time when you had to fill in for a absent coworker. what did you do how did you handle it what was the outcome”

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