Transportation Equipment Manufacturing interview questions

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“Wanted to know about my schooling ,and i noticed he did not have my whole resume”

“All answers are to be in STAR format. Many questions that you will find on google are what they ask. "When is a time that you were able to gain consensus of a group."”

“Knowledge of specific logitics elements (supply, maintenenace, etc) as related to U.. Government acqusition).”

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Manager at Safelite

Jul 25, 2014

“Safelite requested a 'role play' interview where I interacted with an individual who was acting as an employee. I was given no other information until the day I showed up. The day of the meeting, I…”

“Tell us about some instances where you were had to use creative skills to solve a problem and use analytical skills to zero down on a certain solution.”

Manager at Safelite

Jul 25, 2014

“I was asked just 2 days before my role play interview if I could also make a 15 minute presentation to a panel showing a time I helped improve a situation in my work experience. The HR Rep apologized…”

“Tell us of a situation where you faced with a problem of dealing with technical nature and you used teamwork to solve it.”

“There weren't any difficult questions”

“Where are you originally from? I told them, I'm originally from Iraq. Second question with laughing,,, How do you want to work with this company and USA in war with Iraq ... that is funny? I said…”

Star at Toyota

Apr 7, 2013

“Nothing tough, just generic situation oriented questions.”

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