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“Is there anything you want to ask me?”

“Nothing very unexpected or difficult. As this is a work from home position, I did have to bring in proof of my current internet connection/speed but that was fairly straightforward.”

“What would the biggest challenge being a flight attendant with JetBlue?”

“Die Hard question - you have two containers, one holds 3 gallons, one holds 5 gallons, unlimited supply of water. How do you get exacly 4 gallons in a container?”

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“You are the project lead on a plan to roll out a new product in China. What factors would you need to consider and what questions would you need to ask in evaluating the potential for success or...”

“Factor the prime numbers from an integer”

“Why do you want to work here?”

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“I am here to find out about questions for my interview...not tell you what they asked me”

“Basic Object Oriented question”

“What would you do if you can tell someone has been drinking, and they want you to go get their car for them so that they can drive it home?”

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