Transportation Management interview questions

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“They do not hire smokers, oddly enough.
Not a problem for me, but the innocent comment that I smoked a cigar a while back did raise an eyebrow. It was not a big deal as I otherwise don't smoke.”

“There are no difficult questions for the entry-level Package Handler positions. Questions for any promotional position are also not difficult and found the Senior Terminal Managers do not have…”

“What direct experience are you bringing to the table if you starting working at Gulfstream?”

“All questions were keyed around job responsibilities, like being able to work outside all year round. None of the ridiculous questions that most HR people ask that have no bearing on the job.”

“Do you know New York City? Have you used technology?”

“How many 6-step ladders are there in the United States”

“You have an intoxicated passenger that you will have to deny boarding per Airline Policy. Describe in detail how you will deny boarding to this insistent and irrational passenger.”

“How do you handle disagreeable staff”

“How would you deal with not being able to deliver on time?”

“1. Tell us about a project you failed in and how you fixed it.
2. What will you contribute towards gulfstream?
3. What is the main reason you chose gulfstream over other companies?
4. Tell us…”

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