Transportation Manager Interview Questions

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“wanted me to run DC”

“Why do you want to leave you current employer”

“What is your exposure to, or experience with, P&Ls?”

“Describe a time when you didn't agree with Management and wanted to press the issue.”

“They are not professional HR people, so you have the opportunity to really direct your own interview. Go in there and dominate the conversation.”

“How many direct reports did you have in your previous role?”

“Will you be able to work side-by-side with management trainee peers who are recent college grads? (”

“What do you know about DOT hours of service?”

“Do you have experience with record compliance as it relates to the DOT?”

“They asked me what I knew about the company. But the HR person said "We have our six core values" and proceeded to tell me about them. Outside of that I did not know much else to say”

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