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Sep 4, 2014

Interview Question for Director/Assistant Vice President at Broward Community College:

“Describe your dissertation, as if you were describing it to a child.”

Jul 26, 2014

Interview Question for Project Engineer at Design Group:

“There wasn't any technical questions (at least in the first round of interview). The position required 60-70% travel and this was the toughest thing I had to grapple with.”

Jul 3, 2014

Interview Question for BI Developer at Clarity Solution Group:

“Have not had the technical interview yet so, not too difficult. I guess the toughest was "Any problem with 100% travel?" For me, right now, that is fine. Ask me again in a year or two.”

Jan 30, 2014

Interview Question for Executive Sales Consultant at Rodan + Fields:

“The most difficult question I was asked is, "What could you do with more income", which is the slogan for our division.”

Nov 9, 2013

Interview Question for Sales Agent at National Income Life:

“Do you have a car?”

Jul 15, 2013

Interview Question for Opex Manager at ITT Corp:

“None. All question were straight forward. If you are confident in your abilities you will have no problems.”

Apr 20, 2013

Interview Question for Sales at Liberty Travel:

“none. If they are not going to truly consider you there will be no difficult questions. How much do you need to earn? that's a ridiculous question why not just say the pay is crap.”

Apr 15, 2013

Interview Question for Senior Project Manager at Oracle:

“Are you ready to travel 100% of the time?”

Jan 16, 2013

Interview Question for Sales at Sojern:

“Please tell me about your where you have the most opportunity for improvement?”

Oct 4, 2012

Interview Question for Vice President at Grand Circle:

“None were difficult or unexpected. Most had been asked before. Group interview might be the most challenging for some people, but our group seemed to enjoy it.”