Traveler Interview Questions

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“Tell us about a time where you disagreed with a co-worker how did you handle it?”

“how do you handle an angry customers?”

“Easy interview...we just read my resume the entire time. Most thoughtful question "why should we hire you?"”

“What would you do with an uncooperative volunteer?”

“If you had unlimited funds where would travel.”

“Background was done very unprofessionally”

“Don't you live on the east side? Isn't that too far of a commute? And wouldn't you want to transfer? That is why I am not going through with your application.”

“I was asked why I went out on leave.”

“There were no real questions asked other than "What are your thoughts on sales, sales training and working with charities".”

“Most difficult was the role play, but I did better than I thought I would have considering I didn't have the information in its entirety until 20 minutes prior to the role play. Appeared it was an…”

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