Troubleshooting Interview Questions

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“Being given a UI that I had never seen before and being asked to troubleshoot the performance of the VM.”

Agent at NexxLinx

Jul 2, 2012

“What is the difference between "static" and "dynamic"?”

“If a customer called up and was irate and screaming at you over the phone, how would you handle it?”

“How would you troubleshoot a problem connecting to a network resource.”

“(Hypothetical phone call) Hello my computer is locked.”

“What is your favorite color?”

“They had a game of 20 questions in order to see your troubleshooting process, and they will choose something at random. Basically, they want to see your process; whether or not you get the right…”

“If given a failed radio, could you repair it, or troubleshoot to component level?”

“Vcc on a set of chips seems to be shorted to ground. You got a drawing of a PCB layout and were asked how you would locate the fault.”

“Describe a problem that you recently used your troubleshooting skills to solve.”

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