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Jul 10, 2014

Interview Question for Sports at NBCUniversal:

“Tell me about your minor and why you chose to study that?”

Jul 9, 2014

Interview Question for Sales Marketing at NBCUniversal:

“Why do you think you would be good fit in this role?”

Jul 7, 2014

Interview Question for Executive Assistant at MTV Networks:

“Why MTV”

Jul 7, 2014

Interview Question for Campus II Careers Intern at NBCUniversal:

“Why did you choose NBCU over our competitors?”

Jul 7, 2014

Interview Question for Production Assistant at NBCUniversal:

“What made you apply for this position”

Jul 7, 2014

Interview Question for Software Engineer at Starz Entertainment:

“A thinking process sort of question that over thought: A rectangular sheet cake of uniform dimension is to be split evenly between to parties. However, someone has removed an irregularly shaped…”

Jul 5, 2014

Interview Question for Business Systems Developer at Discovery Communications:

“How would you write a formula to determine X?”

Jul 4, 2014

Interview Question for Full Stack Developer at Weather Channel:

“To my dismay, the areas I told the manager I had little to no knowledge of in the tech screen over the phone formed the basis for their in-person interview questions. What was the point of this? I…”

Jul 2, 2014

Interview Question for GCC Sales at NBCUniversal:

“Not difficult but how to handle mad customers. Role play. Talk to manager and a hiring staff. They want to know your favorite attraction and your knowledge on the park itself.”

Jun 30, 2014

Interview Question for Global Mobility and Relocation Representative at Turner Broadcasting:

“The most unexpected question was 'What keeps you awake at night?' i was never asked that question before at the interview.”

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