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“Why do you want to be in sales?”

“Who is your favorite Discovery star?”

“Very simple interview - behavioral questions and asked how I would improve the Fox News website”

“Analyze this data set”

“What do you like most about nick?”

“After a taping, if some of the wrestlers (he told me that normally he would say the female wrestlers but since I was a female, he flipped it to male wrestlers) asked to hang out at the bar, would I…”

“No hard questions.. Just defend your experience and convince them that you would fit into their workflow (if you think you do!)..”

“What would you say if we told you we thought your performance in this interview was poor.”

“The person hired was going to be resposnible for redsigning all of their web sites. I was shown numerous examples of the current web look and feel and asked what I would do to improve each one, as…”

Intern at CNN

Apr 7, 2013

“Do you have experience working under pressure?”

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