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Manager at MGM Studios

Jan 26, 2010

“Why would you want to move to Vegas ( I was coming from another state)?”

“what if questions (customer service types) to see how you would handle a particular situation”

“What are some skills or what did you do at your previous internship?”

“I find the most difficult question to be the critique of one's self regarding his or her weaknesses. It's a bit of a trap, as there aren't many satisfactory answers.”

“Describe the products managed, clients.”

Web Developer at CNN

Sep 6, 2010

“Write an XSLT template that will read in a given block of XML data and display portions of it. Required you to understand recursion.”

“Position is in constant change. Would you be willing to work on two positions if we need the help.”

“What do you think A&E's biggest challenge selling Internationally?”

Producer at WTLV-TV

Jan 5, 2010

“Would I have a problem working long hours or being called in on my days off”

“Why did you leave on air TV work?”

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