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“Given n sets of choices: (1,2,3), (2,3,4), (4,5) You pick one element from each set of choices. Generate all possible picking.”

“In a binary integer value tree, find the lowest level common ancestor of two values.”

“Implement integer division without using / or %. Questions about running time. Can you do it faster?”

“Given an array with all elements sorted on each individual row and column find the K-th smallest one”

“Given a number n, give me a function that returns the nth fibonacci number. Running time, space complexity, iterative vs. recursive.”

“How can you improve Twitter?”

“design a max stack using one stack, what are the language features that are missing in your favorite language, tree to a ordered doubly linked list”

“"Answer this question while I ignore you and then I'll criticize you for having not mentioned a solution...even though you did, which I ignored."”

“Do you feel you can handle reviewing child pornography materials and issues that arise as a member of the legal policy team?”

“You have a law degree, why are you interested in legal policy when this will not lead you to a position on the legal team?”

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