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Jun 13, 2014

Interview Question for Health Unit Coordinator at Sacred Heart Medical Center:

“How will did you deal with a difficult situation in the past.”

Apr 7, 2014

Interview Question for Ambulatory Health Unit Coordinator at Children's Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota:

“"How do you prioritize your workload."”

Mar 23, 2014

Interview Question for Healthcare Unit Coordinator at UNC Health Care:

“How can you organize folders?”

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Dec 18, 2013

Interview Question for Residency Unit Coordinator at Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center:

“Most questions were easy to answer”

Oct 7, 2013

Interview Question for Business Unit Coordinator at New Era Cap:

“What is the biggest thing you bring to the table in this position.”

Sep 3, 2013

Interview Question for Unit Coordinator at St. Mary Medical Center (Pennsylvania):

“Behavioral interviewing. Star method”

Jan 24, 2013

Interview Question for Logistics Coordinator - Operations Unit at Samsung SDS:

“-What is my ultimate life dream?”

Oct 23, 2012

Interview Question for Health Unit Coordinator at Christ Hospital:

“Please try to be as detailed as possible regarding the technical question, business case, etc.”

Aug 30, 2012

Interview Question for Health Unit Coordinator at Cleveland Clinic:

“I expected all questions.”

Aug 3, 2012

Interview Question for Health Unit Coordinator at Aurora Health Care:

“What makes you different than other candidates? What sets you apart?”