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“How experince may benifit GS”

Unit Manager at Citi

Mar 31, 2013

“Tell me about a time when you could not satisfy a customer.”

“What can you bring to the company that no else can?”

“Why did you apply to Waffle House? It sounds like a no-brainer obvious interview question but the thought process of how you're going to respond is what makes it challenging. Clearly no one dreams of…”

Unit Manager at Acosta

Apr 23, 2013

“was asked, what my supervisor would say about me, the thing is, in 7 years I had 7 supervisors, each one only worked with me once for only a few hours. Company looks at your performance with what's…”

“There really was not a most difficult question as again, I've been with this company since 1995 and have gone through the interview process multiple times.”

“Name a difficult situation that you resolved from your last management position in 1987. It was so long ago I couldn't remember a specific incident.”

“What was the EBIDTA at your previous plant? Why was it so low?”

“they gave me a scenario and asked me how I would handle the following:
a call bell is ringing, family member at the desk with a complaint that they paid for a shower for the week but the patient…”

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