Unix Interview Questions

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“Do you know Unix and if so, what level do you rate your skill?”

“How would you kill all processes for user "abc" with name xyz, using only a single command on the command line of UNIX/FreeBSD system. You are allowed to use pipes and sudo commands. Use of killall…”

“Are You Familiar With Unix or Oracle ?”

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“Last year my team had to remove all the phone numbers from 50,000 Amazon web page templates, since many of the numbers were no longer in service, and we also wanted to route all customer contacts…”

“is there another way to find disk usage besides du?”

“How do you find out how many cpu's your linux machine is using and are they physical or virtual?”

“Describe the shells in unix.”

“Command syntax of Unix commands, and exact system file locations”

“What administrative programs have you performed in UNIX?”

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