Unprofessional Interview Questions

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“In the process of explaining a period of unemployment I mentioned that I had done side work in private security and as a youth sports official. I mentioned that I was not embarrassed that I had to…”

“Applying & interpenetrating so many rules for some many violations in so little time with malfunctioning equipment.”

“After all the work you will put in to prepare yourself, they will not get back to you. UNPROFESSIONAL!!”

“My group interview began with the least qualified staff member saying "I see you have no experience whatsoever what makes you think or rather how would you market this position."”

“At the end, I was 'asked' one question only, "Oh, you mentioned you have family that works here? You can't work for us."”

Line Cook at Darden

Jan 30, 2013

“The GM asked me if I smoked weed.”

“How many clients does your current employer have?”

“Why didn't you balance this customer's account? (Not in the interview. This question was asked five months into my employment.”

“Are you willing to work for a position much lower then you applied for, with less pay, then maybe work up to the one you actually applied for?”

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