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use stack to pop out the max num under O(1)


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my way is too complex... Good answer would be using Class or 2 stacks, and keep record the current max

Interview Candidate on Feb 24, 2012

Using c++ and 2stack #include <iostream> #include <stack> std::stack<int> S; void addToStack(int value) { std::stack<int> T; while(!S.empty() && ( > value)) { int V =; T.push(V); S.pop(); } S.push(value); while(!T.empty()) { S.push(; T.pop(); } } int getMaxValue() { int value =; S.pop(); return value; } int main() { addToStack(17); addToStack(15); addToStack(4); addToStack(16); addToStack(1); int max = getMaxValue(); std::cout << max << std::endl; }

Anonymous on Nov 12, 2012

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