User Experience Designer Interview Questions

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“You have a lot of wireframes in your portfolio. Do you have any experience incorporating brand/campaign elements into your work?”

“Someone asked about a gap in my work experience. It was possibly the most difficult question of the interview (OK, being sarcastic).”

“Why are you leaving your current position?”

“What's your process”

“How would you redesign this interface for a child?”

“About one of my online community research project, ask about why I use this kind of research method to approach that problem, why I didn't compare it to its competitors?”

“"With your history in web development and coding, why do you want to move into user experience design?"”

“There's a technical test that covers personas, user flows, and wireframe mocks as they pertain to a scenario you're given for a hypothetical business.”

“How would you improve user experience on a section of the website?”

“Although it was about user experience job position, they asked me to show them some of my interior design works.”

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