User Experience Developer Interview Questions

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“Write a function that returns true if the input is a palindrome.”

“"You have 30 minutes to show us what you've got."”

“I was given an HTML/CSS/JavaScript code set and was asked to draw the results on a piece of graph paper.”

“Several design / usability questions which I can't recall but we're all based on practical examples opposed to the impractical brain teasers I've been asked in other interviews.”

“What career path would I most want to follow: designing or developing? (This position is a hybrid role)”

“Code reference websites used, favourite projects, what language/project was a struggle for you.”

“None of them stand out to me. They were all challenging overall.”

“Pretty straight forward, they are looking for members of a team more importantly than how skilled you are.”

“Can you describe the box model?”

“They asked me about backend technologies and I was unable to answer because that is out of my wheelhouse. I told them this and they laughed it off stating that they didn't know which position I was…”

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