User Experience Lead Interview Questions

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“There were a couple of harder questions about how I might design for a particular challenge they were currently facing, but those were hard only because at this point you have none of the data a UX…”

“What would you change on the site?”

“Are you qualified for this position?”

“The design exercise is more like a design project. while they keep telling you not to spend more than 8 hours on it, they evaluate it like you should have spent 40 hours on it. While I sat through…”

“Have you been in a situation where you thought too much was asked of you? How did you handle it?”

“How have you dealt with strong product managers with whom you disagree? (This is not unexpected, but turned out to be the defining challenge of the whole experience)”

“You have changed careers before. Why should I let you experiment on my clients & dime?”

“If we were to have an in-car application with 10 buttons but no visual UI, what would the initial experience be like?”

“I had to explain the user experience and workflow of every application I had built in my portfolio, without having it in front of me for reference.”

“I was interviewing for a UX job and I was asked how I design a storage redundancy system for a data center. It wasn’t really a hard question but stood out because it had nothing to do with UX or…”

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