User Interface Engineer Interview Questions

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“what is the difference in a class and id in CSS?”

“Write a function in Javascript that takes Roman numerals (in String form) and convert it to decimal form. Assume the string is well-formed.”

“Well, first off, do you have any questions for me?”

“Describe a project that was interesting.”

“On phone: - Which data structure will you use to implement the mathematical set? - What is the difference between synchronized and volatile java keywords? - What is the EDT (event dispatch thread...”

“No surprises, really. Everything covered was what I expected an employer to inquire about regarding the field of expertise applied for. Some people have tripped over surprise hurdles in interviews...”

“Mostly straightforward questions.”

“The most difficult question was the 8-hour test, which involved deriving a novel and fairly-involved algorithm, significant CSS/HTML/JS coding, and plenty of opportunities to get something subtly...”

“They wanted to have more efficient algorithm that involved doubly linked List with a Hash of nodes to implement a basic cache.”

“Onsite: Given a Java swing application code and draw the expected GUI output?”

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