Validation Engineer Interview Questions

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“That greatest weakness question.”

“Describe a cleaning validation process”

“given rand(4) function,write code for rand(9) so that the random numbers are generated with equal probability.
write a function to determine pow(x,n)
find an element in a rotated sorted array…”

“None really. Just review your technical basics depending on your background.”

“The only things that were somewhat difficult is when I was asked detailed questions about computer architecture concepts I had little experience with. For example, I was asked to explain out-of-order…”

“What makes you stand out from others?”

“They wanted to know some obscure details about FDA regulations. I've worked in this industry for over 10 years and knowing the answer to that question has zero bearing on the success or failure of…”

“What is the advantages and disadvantages for using Domino gates?”

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