Values Interview Questions

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“We play a game. You flip two coins, if you get both heads I give you $1. If you get both tails you flip again. If you get one of each, I pay you nothing. What's the expected value of this game?”

“Why should Princess Cruises hire you?”

“What are the differences between pass by value and pass by reference.”

“Describe events, experience and other information on your resume.”

“The questions were all relevent and below expectation,”

“The online assessment asked me to rank values from most to least important, rather than assigning each one its own score. Thus, if I ranked some at the top, the others ended up at the bottom. This is…”

“1) What is your proudest achievement?
2) Tell me about a time when ...”

“How large would a mistaken credit card charge need to be for you to go to the credit card company and get it resolved?”

“You may be asked if you have any concerns about working for a faith-based org.”

“Not one of them threw a single behavior question or technical. The most challenging question was how did think I could bring in new business, which puzzled me as I the position was not sales. But be…”

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