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“The manager of the store asked me if I liked to drink, what, and how much. Also asked me if I had a boyfriend.”

“"Have you heard about our Explorer Program? Are you a member?"”

“Why Collections.sort doesnt work for Set.”

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“Who is the CEO? When did they go public? What big event happened with Google over the summer that changed how they do business?”

“what experience do you have pertaining to the position.”

“This is an approximation of one question... "Can you give an example where working as a team negatively affected a sale but the customer came back and worked with another associate who succeeded...”

“Would you have any problems with wearing the kroger uniform?”

“Would you describe yourself as a competitive person, provide examples...?”

Cashier at Kroger

Mar 6, 2013

“what is ur religion?”

“How do would you handle a totally demoralized team and bring them back?”

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