Vehicle Dealers interview questions

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“Do you expect yourself to work here the rest of your life? *This was actually a question*”

“Would you have any problems with wearing the kroger uniform?”

“Would you describe yourself as a competitive person, provide examples...?”

Sales at CarMax

Dec 15, 2011

“Have I ever had a corrective action and if so, what was it?”

Cashier at Kroger

Mar 6, 2013

“what is ur religion?”

“Why are you leaving your current role?”

“How would you deal with an irate customer?”

“Would you consider yourself a humble person?”

“"When it snows, everyone must come in regardless of if it's your day off or not to help clear the lots, is this going to be a problem to you?"”

Engineering at Kroger

Apr 21, 2011

“Why would you like to work for us?”

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