Vendor Manager Interview Questions

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“How many people using facebook in San Francisco at 2:30pm on a Friday?”

“Was asked to describe what I would do in a situation where I didn't know the correct Amazon approach for a problem.”

“How would you go about getting this [impossibly tight] project completed in the next three weeks?”

“How do you handle telling a requestor NO in regards to their wanting to purchase a specific set of software, or version of software and what do you do when they say "I want it anyway."”

“One of your vendors typically sells you a widget for $100, but is offering a discount of $80/widget when you buy 500 all at once. Would you accept the deal and what would be the process behind your…”

“As a buyer, how would you grow our department/category?”

“How would you keep full stock at all times”

“How would you determine the number of baggage processed on any given day?”

“asked to do a presentation”

“Whether I worked better with a group or as an individual?”

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