Vendor Manager Interview Questions

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“Which is the best way to reach out to customers, an email campaign or a search engine advertisement? Why?”

“Explain the pros and cons of the Amazon Prime shipping program.”

“Describe a time when you made a customer facing business decision without the approval of you manager? (Which is a double edge sword of a question I feel)”

“If you ordered 1000 units of X and then mislabeled the price (was supposed to be $199.99 and you labeled it $99.99) and over sold by 200 units what would you do?”

“Be ready to do a math problem on the fly about percentage discounts, etc. You might want to carry a small calculator in your notebook. Bring a pen & paper & copies of your resume.”

“Are you an excel expert? You should have some detailed info to prove it if you say yes.”

“how would you improve the morning traffic outside the building?”

“Tell me about a time you made a mistake, what you did to fix it, and what you learned from it.”

“What would you say has been the biggest accomplishment thus far in your career?

Give me an example of a process you improved, and tell me how it saved the company time or money.”

“Tell me about your background”

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