Vice President Interview Questions

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“What is your biggest impact”

“How many electric cars are in Singapore and how many will be there in 10 years?”

“Where do you see yourself in five years.”

“The most difficult question was Are you willing/ready to move to Arkansas?
It's really a place reminiscent of pre civil rights...”

“How will you get rid of the person you just interviewed with last if you get the job (yes this was an actual question)> I interviewed with someone they wanted me to displace.”

“What is your greatest weakness.”

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“Need to be knowledgeable about specific division of bank as well as overall banking and current banking situation”

“They did ask questions about a subject that was not part of the job or the process. I was not prepared to give an answer.”

“How much money do you make. Frankly, this is none of their business and irrelevant to the role. I take payment for the scope of the position and the work completed. I'm not driven as much by money as…”

“There were a couple of questions about Unix admin. How you achieve certain things in Unix.”

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