Video Games interview questions

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“Why BioWare?”

“What are some problems you have seen with some current games, and how would you fix them?”

“What is the average monthly revenue of an indie movie theater in San Francisco?”

“If there was a feature you only wanted to show to 10% of the users, how would you do so?”

“Data structures were key, as was the ability to mind meld with how the computer will execute specific pieces of code. "What is the memory necessary for this iterative block of code?"”

“(Interviewer draws a graph on the white board) imagine this is your daily active users. What could be responsible for these changes?”

“What are your long range plans/goals?”

“1) Write a function to reverse a string”

“Give an object-oriented design for the U.S. highway system.”

“How would you design a logo for a game aimed at nine-year-old boys”

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