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“How many bottles of shampoo are produced in the world a year?”

“Choose a data structure to store the extracted words and their positions in a sentence and then bring the sentence back using any language you like. Writing code on paper.”

“How many bottles of shampoo used in hotels around the world”

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IT at Vistaprint

Mar 18, 2009

“What would you do if you didn't have enough resources or time to complete?”

“There was a gap in the time that I performed a role similar to the one described in the job listing which was ultimately the reason the interviewer gave for not matching me to the role.”

“An out of the box MBA business case for a project manager job described in detail above.”

“How to find the index and value of a missing element of an array of 5000 numbers”

Intern at Vistaprint

Oct 14, 2013

“What do you think we could be doing better?”

“none where difficult. I was asked to design an elevator. next was to create an algorithm to predict how many sheets are needed to print a certain number of graphics.”

“How would you design elevator software?”

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