Visual Merchandiser Interview Questions

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“Are you afraid of heights and willing to go on extremely high ladders?”

“Would you take the job as an intern?”

“Describe a time when you were given a job and it was not the job you had initially signed up for, how did you handle it?”

“The most difficult aspect of the interview was probably merchandising a fixture according to their standards, which an applicant would not be familiar with.”

“Fill out this paperwork for a background check”

“I'm going to put you on the spot; what's your least favorite thing about the store manager?”

“What was the most constructive piece of criticism a former boss or current boss ever gave or has given you? Explain why, and if you agreed or disagreed with it.”

“Sell me something”

“As you would be the new person on the team, what would you do to get started in working with others?”

“What about this position interested me, and what made me decide to apply for a Visual Stylist position?”

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