V P Marketing Interview Questions

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“What would you change about our SEM program?”

“Interview questions for this role were related to how we could quickly generate brand awareness and develop prospects.”

“What kind of company do you like to work for?”

“Familiarity with new brands and how to position”

“No difficult questions. Mostly asked about my previous experience and what I planned to do for Dreyfus”

“What is your experience in managing multiple business units”

“If you were a tree, what would it be?”

“Didn't encounter and questions that I considered "difficult" or unexpected. Fiserv is very NOP/EBITDA oriented and they only cared about growing the sales pipeline with the assumption that...”

“Provide me some examples of how you fit with our guiding principles (provided on a laminated 8.5x11 sheet of paper).”

“No questions asked. I was told about the job responsibilities.”

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