Warehouse Assistant Interview Questions

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“They ask you what you know about the company and you need to know. If you don't act like net-a-porter is the most amazing business idea in the world you won't get the job.”

“What would you say that your biggest weakness is?”

“They did include a small math section, to be done in a limited amount of time.”

“Why do you want to work for our company?”

“Not so difficult - Stay on as long as you accept the abuse and the pay rate because we need the help and dare you to leave considering the current job market.”

“Nothing difficult about the interview. He told me to go and promised to call me later, but he never called me.”

“Mind working Saturdays on top of a regular work week.”

“Many Industry specific questions that I will never go into full detail about again.”

“Difficult in the subject matter: interviewer asked what my supervisory style would be with our subordinates. My style contrasted his: he was apparently a micro-manager, allowing competent...”

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