Warehouse Associate Interview Questions

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“What did you hate about your last job?”

“in scenarios what would i do, or did. If i was able to lift a certain amount, what was my schedule like, etc.”

“Are you sure you can do this?”

“Asked me about changes I've helped implement at former companies, and how I have performed at former jobs. Also asked how I feel about certain policies.”

“Tell me a little about yourself..”

“I was told that I was over qualified and they would give me a job if I wanted it, so being out of work I said yes and was told they would call me back”

“"Would you prefer Day time/Night time shifts?"”

“"Why did you leave your last job?"”

“:"Do you believe people are dishonest?" "I've never really dealt with a dishonest person while at work.If anything they're dishonest with themselves." The recruiters reply:"So you've never dealt...”

“The assignment that I was assigned three people was doing this assignment. Later on I was assigned to do this assignment by myself”

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