Web Application Developer Interview Questions

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“1. Write a function that will traverse an unbalanced, unsorted binary tree, looking for a node with a specific value. Your function should return a pointer to that node.

2. Write a small regular…”

“Since it was more of Web tier position, I was asked about WCF questions which I wasn't quite comfortable with.”

“describe your most difficult project, what was the problem, how did u solve it, what was the out come”

“what percentage would you give to; development and strategic planning?”

“Tell about your conflicts, and how your resolve the problems?”

“What would you use to secure web applications with?”

“About urself

tell about Anitivirus project
Whcih project u liked the most, what u did
Foriegn keys/indexing
Jscript - any framework used?
NetBeans used instead of Eclipse?
Spatail Databases…”

“Why do you want to work for the education sector?”

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