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“1) Given a string of parantheses, check if the string is valid. ex: [[]] is valid, ][][ is not valid. How would you solve if the parantheses could be of different types like {,[,(”

“How would you implement integer division if your language did not offer it.”

“Vertically and horizontally center an element on the screen using css.”

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“One of the software engineers asked me the question about the colored chameleons bonking into each other question. Basically, there are 15 red, 17 green, and 19 blue chameleons on a desert island...”

“How to discover if the given number is Power of 2 ?”

“Give me an example of what your present employer not doing right and how would you do it better?”

“Write a function that returns true if the input is a palindrome.”

“What is a JavaScript callback function?”

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“Would you be comfortable taking a couple quizes?”

“1. How to display two block elements horizontally?”

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