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“When I received the call from HR to offer the position to me, I was then told the position was temp to possible permanent. I was also not told exactly the days of the week or the hours I would be…”

“What's your history in programming.”

“How do you handle moral issues in the workplace.”

“What's the difference between _ and _?”

“What did you learn from being a parent about coping with people at work?”

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“What are the benefits of using Strict over Transitional DOCTYPEs?”

Web Team at Oakley

Nov 1, 2010

“What are your passions outside of work?”

Web Team at Oakley

Nov 1, 2010

“How would you handle over-hearing criticism from co-workers.”

“"We have offices all over the world , even in (a then dangerous part of the Middle East)." I then had to ask if I would be required to travel there. (I was not willing.)”

“Difference between div and span”

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