Web Programmer Interview Questions

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“What is the method, process you use to debug web applications?”

“How do you feel about doing what it takes in order to complete the project on time?”

“Are you [nationality]? Because I showed your resume to a Chinese coworker and he said "That's not Chinese!"”

“Tell me about yourself”

“Nothing was difficult, it's all remedial questions asked... if you can pass this them you're as genius as their CEO. Basically HS educational level work.”

“If a team member came to you with a question that you could not answer -- in a field you have no background in -- what would you do?”

“What would you do if not offered the position?”

“Programming manager asked me to look at some of their existing code and explain what was going on their. Code is in PHP, MySQL, and Javascript/jquery. Very procedural code as opposed to...”

“Efficiency of linked lists”

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