Web Specialist Interview Questions

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“"We are looking to start an Open Badge infrastructure for our new program. Are you familiar with Open Badges".”

“What do you wanna be doing in 5-years and DON'T tell me working at NFP.”

“Asked technical questions making sure I knew what I was doing, unexpected in that many interviewers do not do so.”

“What are you looking for in this temp position?”

“None. It was not a typical interview process because this is a staffing agency”

“Where do you see yourself in the future?”

“Filling out the paperwork, which was not difficult.”

“I was outright told that my previous titles weren't anything like the type of work involved in the position, which I had to carefully defend.”

“I was prepared for that, but there were no difficult questions, just an unexpected one. CEO asked me how I liked the Academy website. My position would include 40% web editing.”

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