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“explain some data bases you have worked with”

“Efficiency in handling busy times and coping with surmounting pressure loads.”

“What would you do if a customer is expecting to pick up an order that we have no knowledge of ever being placed?”

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“If a pre-booked guest wanted a nonsmoking room but the only availability was smoking, how would you handle the situation?”

“This was a promotion question:If you don't get this job,how will you perform in your current position?”

“What is a market?”

“How would you handle a situation where a bride got the wrong shoes two days before her wedding day>”

“It was the basic questions anyone would answer for a sales position. Why I would be good at sales, what about sales do I find most challenging, etc... The most difficult or surprising thing that I…”

“Nothing difficult just thorough.”

“Do I like to cook. Which makes not sense with a Demonstration Service for food”

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