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“How long have you been in the industry?”

“If you obtain this position how often would you be on the road and be willing to travel?”

“Nothing new, standard sales questions”

“The GM asked several unrelated questions off the topic about my schooling, and then went on in detail how he had to move so the GM at the warehouse he used to work at could keep himself planted where…”

“Where do you see yourself in 5-years?”

“What was the most difficult screw-up on the job and how did I overcome it.”

“Is it possible to plagiarize from yourself?”

“If we are short handed and you have a vacation or day off scheduled, what do you do?”

“How do you see yourself in the Fastenal culture?”

Sales at Gunton

Jan 4, 2014

“Pick the three answers that are most like you. Even if none are like you.
I like anchovies
I might like anchovies
I could like anchovies
I sort of like anchovies
I love anchovies”

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