Windows Systems Administrator II Interview Questions

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“How would you handle someone on your team who wasn't pulling their weight?”

“Explain the hostname to IP address lookup process order?

Bonus question: How do you update a client who during a test ping is resolving the wrong IP address?”

“Sell yourself. Sell Sell Sell. They ask all the typical q's about bad customer support, good customer support, difficult coworkers or customers, etc etc. A lot of "why should we hire you?" "why do…”

“What are the port numbers for SMTP, FTP, and DNS”

“What are some of the challenges in setting up a high availability application environment (web servers, db servers, networking ,etc)?”

“Name all the DNS record types you can think of and explain what they are used for.”

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“A customer calls in saying that they're having problems sending email. They're using IIS SMTP and a web-based application to send the messages. What are 3 things which you would look for first, in…”

“How do you back up an SQL database?”

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