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“One interviewer notoriously asks "Any questions?" And nothing else.”

“The verbal case question:
1) Let's say you're looking to open a clothing store. How would you figure out where to put it?
which later led to
2) You make a lot of money and someone asks to borrow…”

“The more difficult case study gave me a packet of information about trial results from a new drug. They gave me a half hour to sift through it and develop a recommendation for which strategy to…”

“Tell me about a project that you worked on for at least three months and how you went through the initial planning stage.”

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“A pharma company you are consulting is coming up with 2 new products. What factors would help them decide how to distribute their sales force?

For a particular city, how many visits should a sales…”

“"What would you be most concerned about on your first day of work"”

“Given a list of words, find the word that appears most frequently.”

“I was asked specific steps regarding how to structure a certain project.”

“Give an example when you failed.”

“Here are different marketing strategies and how much it costs to execute them. Which one would you choose and why?”

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