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Client Services Inc. (CSI) was founded in 1987 in the heartland of America. Steadfast on Midwestern values, CSI quickly established a reputation for providing superior quality and consistent performance. From its inception, CSI has paid special attention to attracting and retaining outstanding talent. As a result, CSI’s workforce is comprised of individuals with the drive and determination required to flourish and succeed in a competitive environment.

It is that same spirit that has helped CSI evolve into a full-service Customer Relationship Management company. Today, CSI offers a full suite of Accounts Receivable Management (ARM), Business Processing Outsourcing (BPO) and Healthcare solutions. As a company with full call center capabilities, CSI manages the entire life cycle of our clients’ customer base.

Business and we strive to maintain an ‘A+’ rating. We feel this speaks well to the quality of our staff and their interactions with our clients’ customers. CSI has dedicated resources to providing an all-inclusive work environment with a performance and compliance based compensation structure, on campus fitness center, tuition reimbursement program, and life assistance services. Our employee benefits program offers discounts on practical living expenses, such as car repair, cell phones, and computers.

These initiatives are the foundation of our employee-centric mission and act as a platform for individuals to maximize opportunities for professional growth and success. These benefits were created to foster a positive, productive, work environment that ultimately leads to enhanced performance.

We bring our brand and support to the local community through toy drives, food donations, and fundraisers for local and national charitable organizations.

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June 3, 2015

The Client Services, Inc. (CSI) annual ‘Donate Your Weight’ competition came to a close on Friday, May 1, 2015. CSI’s twelve week event was designed not only to better our employees’ health but also raise money for two important causes. We are delighted to announce that this year the participating employees lost a total of […] 


April 8, 2015

There is only one month left in The CSI Donate Your Weight competition and our employees/participants have already lost 350.6 pounds! Congratulations to all of our participants and keep up the great work! The finish line for the contest is in sight, but hopefully the skills your developing will last a lifetime.


March 18, 2015

Jackie and Brandi go above and beyond what is expected of employees at Client Services, Inc. Their work hasn’t gone unnoticed and now their efforts are paying off big time! Jackie and Brandi were recently recognized as part of CSI’s Achieving Consumer Excellence (ACE) program, which was designed to reward top agents who go the […]


March 2, 2015

Creating positive consumer interactions is an important part of the daily life of Client Services, Inc. (CSI) agents. To emphasize the importance of those interactions, CSI created the Staying True and Responsible (S.T.A.R) program to illustrate our commitment in providing positive customer experiences. Awards are given out weekly to agents achieving World Class Calls based […]


February 2, 2015

Client Services, Inc. (CSI), in its continuing effort to recognize the value of its employees, has created a ‘Compliance Alliance’ team that will have a say in CSI’s compliance initiatives and policies. Members will meet with the CSI Compliance Committee to share compliance ideas, concerns and best practices. It was decided the initial Alliance team […]


January 28, 2015

Client Services, Inc. (CSI) will host its fifth “Donate Your Weight” contest to help benefit the American Heart Association and the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation while endorsing a healthier lifestyle for its employees. CSI will donate one dollar for every pound lost by its employees, meaning a larger number of contestants from CSI will result […]


January 20, 2015

CSI received another client recognition for the outstanding performance of our staff.  This acknowledgment comes from the client’s review of all of its providers’ Quality Assurance accuracy performance. What we learned is the CSI staff helped our client achieve an overall providers’ average accuracy score of 98.4% for the 2014 calendar year. Our client was […]


January 5, 2015

On Friday, December 19, CSI employees participated in several competitions marking the Holiday Season. The day began with the traditional Ugly Sweater Contest which consisted of two categories: Ugliest/Tackiest and Most Creative.  The results are below. The winner for Ugliest/Tackiest was Tracy! The Most Creative winner was MeLisa!   Employees were also asked to decorate […]



December 19, 2014

For the past two weeks, Client Services, Inc. (CSI) employees from our St. Charles and Lenexa locations coordinated their efforts to help bring a happy holiday 

season to area children. In St. Charles, CSI employees raised money and toys for a local Crisis Nursery.  The Lenexa, Kansas location donated the money raised and the […]


undefinedDecember 17, 2014

With enough pizza to feed more than 500 people, Client Services, Inc. recently threw a pizza party to celebrate all the hard work of our employees in achieving some of the best overall compliance metrics in company history. Our employees’ dedication and commitment to improving CSI’s compliance initiatives have allowed us to see a consistent […]



December 12, 2014

Client Services, Inc. (CSI) is proud to applaud the efforts of members of 11 different CSI departments: Bookkeeping, Business Analytics, Call Center, Client Relations, EDI, Facilities, Finance, Legal, Marketing, Payroll and Recruiting who came together this holiday season to give one anonymous family in need a very merry Christmas.  Spearheaded by Kelly, MeLisa and Robby, […]


  December 4, 2014

The Thanksgiving spirit around the Client Services, Inc. (CSI) campus was alive and well again this year, and exemplifies the compassion and good will during the holiday season that has been our tradition. Employees were allowed to dress down on November 26, 2014 in exchange for donating $5 or 5 canned goods/boxed food items. CSI  […]


November 24, 2014

Client Services Incorporated (CSI) recently treated current and former military members on our staff to a special “Thank You” lunch in honor of Veterans Day. CSI has been recognized by the Office of the Secretary of Defense as a patriotic, veterans friendly employer, and as such has pledged to: Fully recognize, honor and enforce the […]


November 20, 2014

As 2014 draws to a close and we approach the holiday season, we would like to take some time to thank everyone for your continued efforts and patience.  It has been a huge challenge to adapt and comply with all of the company and regulatory driven changes and new client requirements over the past year. […]



November 11, 2014

A special thank you from the Client Services, Inc. family, to all Veterans, past and present… For sacrificing time with your families and missing significant milestones in life that the rest of us tend to take for granted. For your families who are forced to accept your absence, disregard their fears and who have […]


October 29, 2014

Client Services Employees got a literal “Shot in the Arm” recently when free shots were given to over 200 staff members in St. Charles, MO and Lenexa, KS. Each year hundreds of thousands of people contract the seasonal flu virus, which leads to nearly a week of illness and many missed days of work.  Not […]


October 23, 2014

There’s a new kid in town! In fact, you might see several new kids on the Client Services, Inc. (CSI) campus. We would like to congratulate the Just Us 2 Enrichment Center on their recent grand opening. Located at 3456 Harry S. Truman Blvd., Just Us 2 is no ordinary daycare center. They feature age […]


October 21, 2014

Client Services, Inc. (CSI) is committed to providing superior performance and outstanding customer service. Exceeding the expectations of our clients and customers is a guiding principle at CSI. Our agents are among the best in the contact center industry and are committed to providing the best possible experience for the consumers they interact with daily. […]


October 17, 2014

Client Services always strives to help those in our community. Our recent St. Charles Fall Golf Tournament helped raise funds for Crisis Nursery. Crisis Nursery is committee to the prevention of child abuse and neglect and provides emergency intervention, respite care and support to families in crisis. If you wish to help Crisis Nursery, donations […]


October 16, 2014

A special thank you to all the CSI staff who donated to the “Cardinal Casual Day”. Thanks to your generosity we were able to donate a trunk full of canned goods and $585 in cash to the O.A.S.I.S. Food Pantry! The O.A.S.I.S. Food Pantry is always in need of donations to help those less fortunate […]


October 14, 2014

It’s the hunt for “Red October” here at CSI. Our staff will be decked out in Cardinal gear Wednesday, October 15, 2014 to help root on our Redbirds to another championship. For the cost of 5 canned goods or $5 cash, employees can go “Cardinal Casual” for the day. All donations will be given to O.A.S.I.S. Food […]

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Client Services, Inc. has a reputation for providing consistently high quality service to our clients as well as their customers. We are recognized by our clients as providing a positive customer experience while maintaining exceptional compliance standards. CSI has long achieved this distinction through significant investments in quality processes and procedures and most importantly in the quality of people we hire. This is evidenced by the customer feedback we regularly receive. Please note that the last names of our employees are withheld for confidentiality purposes.

"Jasmyn took the time to look at my account and I was very impressed with how she handled it. She is a very sweet girl and I would speak with her anytime. She went above and beyond."
"Tony treated me with the utmost respect. It truly was a pleasure to work with him to come to an agreeable arrangement to pay the debt."
"I’ve been working with Greg for a few months and he is very professional and has been very helpful. I really appreciate his work."
"Christine has done a very good job with customer service and I want her to be recognized. She was very informative."
"Amanda was helpful. She was willing to work with me to get things organized straightened out."
"CK worked . . . well throughout all of this and I appreciate her."
"I just had the privilege of talking to Amanda. I just wanted you to know that she deserves kudos for how she helped me today. Thank you so much!"
"I just wanted to compliment Robert. He was such a gentlemen to me. He worked with me and helped me out by giving me ideas for how to take care of this debt. He was excellent and very professional. You guys do an excellent job."
"You have a wonderful employee in [LaVonne]. She was so kindhearted in finding options that would work for me. She was patient and understanding and actually listened – she didn’t just hear, but she listened to what I said. She has an honest voice, a caring heart and I want to sing her praises. We need more people like her in business. She should have a pat on the back and 10 gold stars today."
"[Gloria has] been wonderful, thank you. I know this [debt] is my fault, but you treated me professionally and I appreciate it. You listened and you have a heart. I appreciate you trying to help me in any way you can and for being so kind to me."
"Karen has been handling our account for 3 years. She has never harassed us. Karen understood, was very caring and it meant a lot to us. Karen did outstanding and really needs to be recognized. Kudos to her!"
"[Deborah] is absolutely superb. She was so patient with me. She made me feel very secure and that means a lot to me."
"I want to let you know that Ramone was amazing. I was panicking about my debt and he worked with me to figure it out. He has been such a blessing to me!"
"I just spoke to Darryel and want to tell you that . . . you have some of the most professional and nicest people I have ever talked to. I have been working with multiple agencies, but if I had my choice I would work with you on all of [my debts]."
"Kierra was extremely nice and very warm on the phone."
"[Devyn]. . .You have handled this above and beyond a professional manner. You are very capable and very business-like. Kudos to you!"
"[Zina], you have been the nicest person to ever call . . . I’m happy to be settled up with this. Thank you for everything!"
Stephen just received this compliment, "I appreciate your attitude and your efforts. Other collection representatives are just plan mean. You handled my situation with the upmost professionalism and I appreciate the way that I was treated."
"[Caroline] was amazing and helpful and is a really nice woman. She was not in a hurry, took her time with me and was very nice, sweet and helpful. She deserves a shout out!"
"I want to give a big compliment to Brad. He communicated very well; he was very kind, very knowledgeable, personable and listens well. He was very efficient in a friendly manner, which is the best of both worlds. I really think he is exceptional! He had that professional energy without being pushy and that is impressive."
"I just talked to the most wonderful representative at your company, Cheryl. She was so professional, calm and so understanding that I felt like I needed to share that with someone. You are so fortunate to have someone like her. I am so impressed when I come across someone who treats people like they are humans!"
"I want to let you know how great DeShawn was in helping me get this account settled. She was very professional and great to work with."
"Todd was very understanding and helpful with my situation. He was very easy to work with."
"I have been very thankful for the kindness and courtesy and politeness with all of your staff, including Melissa...I really appreciate you working with me."
"Larry was really cool. I spoke to quite a few agencies today and he was the nicest person I spoke with all day long. It was like he wanted to help and not just take my money. He is super nice."
"Tracy is awesome. She took care of everything and deserves recognition. She was very professional and I really appreciate it."
"I appreciate [Mark's] patience and willingness to work with me. If I were in a position to take care of this now, I would do that because he was that nice. He was very kind to me and I really appreciate it."
"Kelly was super awesome to work with. I have talked to other people before, not necessarily from your company, who were not pleasant to deal with on the phone. She was so nice, sweet and respectful and I really appreciate that. She handled everything perfectly."
"Michelle has been a pleasure to work with and is always available to answer any questions that I have. I know that in the business world, you don’t really hear a lot of feedback unless it is negative and I want to share the positive."
The following compliment was said about our agent Latifah, "Fine and polite to me."
"Both [Scott and Heather were] extremely professional....Didn't make you feel bad about needing this type of service."
CSI agent Cherie received two compliments this week: "[Cherie] treated me very well . . . I appreciate all of their help." and ". . . very satisfactory . . . very polite, and so much better than some of the other people you have to deal with. They were very good . . ." Great job Cherie!
Two consumers had the following to say about our agent Sharise, "[Sharise] treated me very well . . . I appreciate all of [Client Services, Inc.'s] help." and "[Sharise] was . . . awesome. Best person I every talked to and very nice." Great work Sharise!
CSI agent Heather received two compliments this week: "[Heather] is awesome, everything is amazing. I don’t feel hassled or pressured. She is very cool . . . and I appreciate her working with me." And "Very positive experience." Great job Heather!
"Dana was absolutely wonderful. She worked with me and she was understanding, empathetic and everything you could possibly think of. She took the stress off me and I can’t tell you how much that meant to me. She deserves a big hug. I’m so happy because I no longer have to worry about this bill."
"I would like to give my kudos and a "shout out" to [Holly] for handing this call in a professional manner. I really appreciate your kindness."
"I want to tell you how much we appreciate William. He was very kind, talked both my husband and I through everything and helped us take care of this debt without being threatening. He was very helpful and I appreciate it."
"Dornita has been so wonderful to me, so patient and understanding. A lot of people are not this compassionate and just don’t get it like she does. I don’t know what I would have done without her. She has been so amazing to me… I can’t thank her enough."
A consumer sent a note to Mark that read: "Thank you for your great service. Communication is so important and you definitely have a great understanding of the concept!"
"[Michael is] the most awesome person that I have spoken with at Client Services in all of these [5] years. Your professional expertise and your attitude is exceptional, it truly is. It is beyond most people’s expectations. Everyone has always been nice, but you have a certain professionalism that really carries through, as well as an intelligence level that welcomes the consumer and makes you feel that there is a resolution coming. You really excel in being a caring professional. You efficiently and effectively know how to deal with people."
"[Todd has] great customer service skills… Your attitude is why I am making this arrangement right now."

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    Current Employee - Collections Agent in Saint Charles, MO
    Current Employee - Collections Agent in Saint Charles, MO

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    Positive Outlook
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    The structure of the company is really good along with there very lucrative bonus structure. If you show up everyday and be a producer you have a set future with a company that takes care of its people.


    the only negative isn't with the company the industry itself changes very fast and you have to keep up.

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    keep up the good work

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    I applied online. The process took 2 daysinterviewed at Client Services (Saint Charles, MO) in April 2015.


    I got a phone call the next day after I applied for the position. I accepted the interview and it was scheduled the next day. I went in and did my skills test and IQ test. I then met with a team leader and had my interview and a fellow leader also sat in for the interview. It went fast. They asked me a series of questions and offered me the position.

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Headquarters Saint Charles, MO
Size 500 to 999 Employees
Founded 1987
Type Company - Private
Industry Finance
Revenue $25 to $50 million (USD) per year

Client Services, Inc. (CSI) is a full-service call center outsourcing provider.

CSI was founded in 1987 in the heartland of America. Steadfast on Midwestern values. CSI quickly established a reputation for providing superior quality and consistent performance. From its inception, CSI has paid special attention to attracting and retaining outstanding talent. As a result... More

Mission: Our mission is to provide our clients with cost-effective call center strategies through a highly empowered workforce focused on cutting edge innovation, exceptional... More

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    Client Services, Inc. has discovered a fraudulent business that is calling consumers offering mortgage modifications and credit card rate reductions representing themselves as “Client Services.” Please be assured our company does not partake in this business practice and is not affiliated with this company in any way. Client Services, Inc. encourages consumers to report the fraudulent “Client Services” to the proper authorities.