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We operate two business segments: Pulp and Paper and Personal Care. We had revenues of $5.4 billion in 2013, of which approximately 90% was from the Pulp and Paper segment and approximately 10% was from the Personal Care segment. On July 31, 2013, we completed the sale of our Distribution business in the United States therefore the historical results of the former Distribution segment will be consolidated into Domtar's Pulp and Paper Division. Our Distribution business in Canada is not affected by the transaction and future results will be consolidated into Domtar's Pulp and Paper Division.


Pulp and Paper

We are the largest integrated marketer and manufacturer of uncoated freesheet paper in North America. We have 10 pulp and paper mills (eight in the United States and two in Canada), with an annual paper production capacity of approximately 3.4 million tons of uncoated freesheet paper. Our paper manufacturing operations are supported by 15 converting and distribution operations including a network of 12 plants located offsite of our paper making operations. Also, we have forms manufacturing operations at three offsite converting and distribution operations. Approximately 79% of our paper production capacity is in the U.S. and the remaining 21% is located in Canada.

We also own and operate Ariva®, a network of 6 paper distribution facilities located in Canada. Ariva® purchases, warehouses, sells and distributes our paper products and those of other manufacturers. Products are sold to a wide and diverse customer base, which includes small, medium and large commercial printers, publishers, quick copy firms, catalog and retail companies and institutional entities.

We produce market pulp in excess of our internal requirements at our three non-integrated pulp mills in Kamloops, Dryden, and Plymouth as well as at our pulp and paper mills in Ashdown, Espanola, Hawesville, Windsor, Marlboro and Nekoosa. We sell approximately 1.6 million metric tons of pulp per year depending on market conditions. Approximately 53% of our trade pulp production capacity is in the U.S., and the remaining 47% is located in Canada. 

Personal Care

Our Personal Care business encompasses the design, manufacture, marketing, and distribution of adult incontinence (AI) products, infant diapers, and other absorbent products. We sell a combination of branded and private label products, including briefs, protective underwear, underpads, pads, washcloths, baby diapers, infant training pants, and related products.

We distribute our products into healthcare and retail channels. In both North America and Europe, we are a leading AI supplier in the healthcare channel, with a growing presence in retail. Our acquisition of Indas, Spain’s largest branded AI supplier, increased our AI position in Southern Europe in both healthcare and retail channels. In North America, we increased our exposure to retail channels with our acquisition of AHP, a leading store-brand manufacturer of infant diapers.

Domtar Personal Care products are manufactured in six facilities in North America and Europe. The division has a research and development facility and production lines which manufacture high-quality airlaid and ultrathin laminated absorbent cores, along with research and development activities in the Divisional Head Office in Raleigh, North Carolina. Our absorbent hygiene products and absorbent cores are sold in some 50 countries.

The Early Years

Founded in 1848 in England, Domtar’s ancestral company marketed a special process protecting lumber from decay. Business boomed, as railways needed to protect millions of rail ties. In 1903, the company, then called Dominion Tar & Chemical Company Ltd., set up shop across the Atlantic. In 1914, when the First World War broke out, the company established its head office in Montreal, Quebec, where it has remained to this day.

In 1929, the now Canadian-owned company received its Canadian charter and was listed on the Montreal and Toronto stock exchanges. By 1930, it also had unlisted trading privileges on the American Stock Exchange.

The Domtar Era Officially Begins

From the mid-1950s to the 1960s, Domtar grew to be one of Canada’s largest companies. Its widely diversified businesses included chemicals, consumer products, construction materials, kraft and fine papers, newsprint, containerboard, and packaging. With this new landscape, by 1965, the company officially became known as Domtar.

Domtar came into its own in the 1970s and 1980s. It gradually divested other interests to focus on paper in the 1990s. Management was determined to become a leader in paper manufacturing and set about laying the groundwork for Domtar’s eventual rise to the highest ranks in the industry.

First Major U.S. Expansion

The 1990s and the early 2000s were years of significant expansion, including the acquisition of Ris Paper Company Inc., at the time one of the largest independent merchants of commercial printing and business papers in the United States.

In 2001, Domtar acquired four Georgia-Pacific paper mills in the U.S. With this acquisition, Domtar became Canada’s largest paper company in terms of sales and the third largest manufacturer of uncoated freesheet paper in North America.

Focus on Sustainability

Throughout the expansions of the 90s and into the new century, Domtar’s focus on sustainability grew along with its geographic footprint. By April 2002, Domtar became the first North American paper company to achieve Forest Stewardship CouncilTM (FSC®) certification. Domtar also began to pursue the ISO 14001 certification of its forest management practices and of its pulp and paper mill operations. Domtar was determined to be a sustainability leader in its industry.

The “New” Domtar

In March of 2007, Domtar combined its operations with the fine paper business of Weyerhaeuser to create Domtar Corporation, a U.S. domiciled company valued at more than $6 billion. Under the ticker symbol “UFS”, Domtar trades on the Toronto and New York stock exchanges.

This historic transaction has transformed Domtar into the largest integrated manufacturer and marketer of uncoated freesheet in North America, and the second largest in the world. Domtar is also one of North America’s largest manufacturers of papergrade pulp. It had reached the top rung in its industry.

Still Writing History…

This once small British concern has traveled a long road since 1848. But no matter how much its operations have been changed by time and technology, the enduring values remain to generate growth, excellence, and pride

Today’s Domtar is among the most cost-competitive papermakers in North America. Our strengths include the best workforce in the industry, efficient assets, high-quality products, strong brands, and a seasoned management team with proven expertise.

Domtar has fulfilled its commitment to achieve FSC chain-of-custody certification for all of its operations, most of which are also Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI) Fiber Sourcing certified as well as SFI and PEFC chain-of-custody certified.

Sales of the FSC-certified Domtar EarthChoice® family of papers, officially launched in 2005, continue to grow.  In 2009, Domtar celebrated the sale of its millionth ton of FSC-certified product, providing powerful testimony to its longstanding and continued commitment to sustainability.  This brand is unique in the paper industry for the support it has garnered from environmental groups, including Rainforest Alliance and WWF-Canada.  All EarthChoice products proudly display the FSC logo and Rainforest Alliance seal and represent the widest range of environmentally responsible papers in North America – and quite possibly in the world.

Domtar’s quest for leadership and sustainability continues, so stay tuned…


To be the leader in innovating fiber-based products, technologies, and services; committed to a sustainable and better future.


As a world-class industry leader we deliver the highest value to our customers, empower our employees to excel, and positively impact our communities.


It’s in our fiber to be agile. Our industry is constantly changing. And we will be the ones leading the way. When we need to change course, we do it. We are doers, not talkers. But when we act, we act thoughtfully. We have the power to make decisions for the benefit of our company and our customers. We’re always looking for simpler, more efficient ways to work.

It’s in our fiber to be caring. The people of Domtar care for each other. We treat each other with compassion and respect. We look out for each other’s safety as well as our own. We never forget that our company is woven into the fabric of our communities, and we treat environmental stewardship as a sacred trust. We care deeply for our customers and invest ourselves fully in their success.

It’s in our fiber to be innovative. We always look to the future beyond the horizon. We’re never satisfied with things as they are; we always want to make them better, and we work together to do it. We bring our resourcefulness and creativity to bear for long-term success. We relish challenges of all kinds, whether they come from our clients or from within, and never rest until we’ve solved them.

The quality of a corporation reflects the quality of its people

As we all know, a company’s ability to provide job stability reflects its financial well-being. Safety, too, is closely linked to the quality of our decisions and their implementation, from development to the cost-effective production of products that meet customer needs.

At Domtar, we believe that we must provide our employees with adequate training so they can help the Corporation improve, in terms of both product quality and financial performance.

The more versatile our employees, the more capable they are of doing their jobs and helping their colleagues perform more effectively. This is the core concept of  teamwork. Versatility helps people develop the confidence they need to rise to the challenges of our extremely competitive industry.

Change is constant. Markets develop and processes improve. Our challenge now is to continue to meet the needs of the three pillars of our company: our customers, our shareholders, and our employees. Our values are what unite the Domtar team, and they remain an essential factor in our ability to succeed. We at Domtar aim to be the best-performing wood products, pulp, and paper company in North America.

Our customer focus

Being customer-focused means putting customers at the center of every decision. In turn, this has required us to change our ways of thinking and doing. We’ve taken a fresh look at all aspects of our business-training programs, manufacturing processes, products, and distribution systems. We’ve gone from being production-oriented to being customer-focused. Our main objective is to meet the ever-changing needs of our customers. Likewise, customer satisfaction has become our primary performance criterion.

John D. Williams

John D. Williams

President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

John D. Williams has been the President and Chief Executive Officer and a director of the Corporation since joining Domtar on January 1, 2009.

Mr. Williams served in senior executive positions for over eight years with SCA Packaging Ltd. and SCA Packaging Europe, Europe’s second largest producer of containerboard paper used for the manufacturing of corrugated box products, and served as President of SCA Packaging Europe, from 2005 to December 2008, where he assumed leadership over sales, marketing, finance, operations, manufacturing, distribution, supply chain and human resources. Prior to joining SCA Packaging, Mr. Williams held a number of increasingly senior positions in sales, marketing, management and operational roles, with Rexam PLC, Packaging Resources, Inc., Huhtamaki, Alberto Culver UK Ltd., and MARS Group.

Mr. Williams is a member of the Board of Directors of Owens Corning (NYSE: OC) and Chairman of the Board of the Montreal Chamber Orchestra. He is also the American Forest & Paper Association (AF&PA) Chairman of the Board, and the Paper and Packaging Board Chairman (the Paper Check-off). In 2010, he was named North American CEO of the Year by RISI, as well as Global CEO of the Year by Pulp & Paper International (PPI). Mr. Williams was named “Executive Papermaker of the Year” for 2012 by PaperAge Magazine.

Melissa Anderson

Melissa Anderson

Senior Vice-President, Human Resources

Melissa Anderson has been Senior Vice-President, Human Resources since January 2010.

She is responsible for talent acquisition and management, health and safety, employee experience, labor relations, HR shared services and HR business partners.

Prior to joining Domtar, she served as Senior Vice President, Human Resources and Government Relations for The Pantry, Inc., one of the largest independently operated convenience retailers in the United States. Previously, Ms. Anderson spent 17 years with International Business Machines Corporation, serving as Vice-President of Human Resources for IBM Global Financing, where she led an international team of HR professionals.

Daniel Buron

Daniel Buron

Senior Vice-President and Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

Daniel Buron has been Senior Vice-President and Chief Financial Officer since May 2004.

He has management oversight and responsibility for all financial functions, including investor relations, financial reporting, financial risks and debt management, treasury operations, taxation and information technology.

Prior to May 2004, he was Vice-President, finance, pulp and paper sales division and, prior to September 2002, Vice-President and Controller.

Michael Fagan

Michael Fagan

Senior Vice-President, Personal Care

Michael Fagan has been Senior Vice-President, Personal Care of Domtar since 2012.

Mr. Fagan has management oversight and responsibility for Domtar’s Personal Care segment that involves the manufacturing, sale and distribution of incontinence care products marketed primarily under the Attends brand name.

Prior to joining Domtar, Mr. Fagan held the positions of President and CEO of Attends Healthcare, Inc. since 2006 and Senior Vice-President, Sales and Marketing since 1999. Prior to joining Attends, Michael held a variety of sales development roles with Procter & Gamble, the previous owners of the Attends line of products and the creators of the category.

Michael Garcia

Michael Garcia

President, Pulp and Paper division

Michael D. Garcia has been President of Domtar’s Pulp and Paper division since May 2014. 

Mr. Garcia has management oversight and responsibility for Domtar’s manufacturing and marketing of pulp and paper.  The division operates a network of thirteen mills in the United States and Canada and sells pulp and paper in more than 50 countries

Mr. Garcia has over 20 years of international management experience in paper, steel, and aluminum manufacturing and marketing on three continents. Prior to joining Domtar, Mr. Garcia was CEO of Evraz Highveld Steel & Vanadium, in eMalahleni, South Africa.

Zygmunt Jablonski

Zygmunt Jablonski

Senior Vice-President, Law and Corporate Affairs

Zygmunt Jablonski has been Senior Vice-President, Law and Corporate Affairs since 2008. 

Mr. Jablonski is responsible for Domtar’s Legal Affairs, Secretariat, Sustainability and Environmental Affairs. He is also responsible for Corporate Communications, Government Relations and Internal Audit.

Prior to joining Domtar, he served in various in-house counsel positions for major manufacturing and distribution companies in the paper industry for over 13 years. From 1985 to 1994, he practiced law in Washington, DC. 

Patrick Loulou

Patrick Loulou

Senior Vice-President, Corporate Development

Patrick Loulou has been Senior Vice-President, Corporate Development since March 2007.

Mr. Loulou is responsible for managing new business development, corporate strategy, and mergers and acquisitions. He is also responsible for Domtar’s paper converting business in China.

Previously, he held a number of positions in the telecommunications sector as well as in management consulting. He has several years of experience in corporate strategy and business development.

Richard L. Thomas

Richard L. Thomas

Senior Vice-President, Sales and Marketing

Richard L. Thomas has been Senior Vice-President, Sales and Marketing since 2007, when Domtar acquired Weyerhaeuser’s Fine Paper division. 

He is responsible for pulp and paper sales, customer service, product development and the marketing of all pulp and paper grades produced at the mills.

Prior to joining Domtar, he was Vice-President, Fine Papers at Weyerhaeuser Company. Mr. Thomas joined Weyerhaeuser in 2002 when Willamette Industries, Inc. was acquired by Weyerhaeuser. At Willamette, he held various management positions in operations since joining in 1992. Previously, he was with Champion International Corporation for 12 years.

At Domtar, we offer a full range of benefits, including:

Flexible insurance plan:

Our group insurance program offers various options, depending on your specific personal and family needs for:

  • Medical care
  • Dental care
  • Disability benefits
  • Life insurance
  • Accidental death and dismemberment insurance
  • Travel assistance (Canada)

Retirement plans:

  • Pension plans
  • Group RRSP (Canada)
  • 401(k) plan (U.S.)

Other programs:

  • Short Term Incentive Plan
  • Employee Assistance Program (EAP)
  • Wellness program including health assessment and coaching
  • Employer supported development and continuing education.

Various local initiatives are also available at certain locations.


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Environmental Strategy of the Year Award, Pulp & Paper International, 2014
Innovative Printing and Writing Campaign of the Year Award, Pulp & Paper International, 2014
Leadership Award (Leader Driving Progress in the Marketplace), Forest Stewardship Council, 2014
Innovation in Sustainability, American Forest & Paper Association, 2014
Leadership in Sustainability Award for Energy Efficiency and Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Reductions, American Forest & Paper Association, 2014
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Additional Info

Headquarters Montreal, Canada
Size 5000+ Employees
Founded 1848
Type Company - Public (UFS)
Industry Manufacturing
Revenue $5 to $10 billion (USD) per year

Domtar Corporation designs, manufactures, markets and distributes a wide variety of fiber-based products including communication papers, specialty and packaging papers and absorbent hygiene products. The foundation of its business is a network of world class wood fiber converting assets that produce papergrade, fluff and specialty pulps. The majority of its pulp production is... More

Mission: As a world-class industry leader we deliver the highest value to our customers, empower our employees to excel, and positively impact our communities.

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