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Hanover Research – Why Work For Us?

Hanover Research is a global information services firm providing knowledge support to both for-profit and non-profit organizations. Through our unique, fixed-cost model we provide customized, timely, and authoritative research and advice enabling our clients to make informed decisions, identify and seize opportunities, and heighten their effectiveness. By creating—and always building upon—an extensive research infrastructure that any of our members, at any time and with any need, may access, we are able to provide a service that is revolutionary in its combination of flexibility and affordability, and which is well-suited to any organization seeking to become more knowledgeable on any subject.

Our staffers are highly-driven, enthusiastic people from a myriad of backgrounds who are dedicated to our mission of serving our members and excited about our possibilities as an enterprise.

Given our growth, we are constantly seeking applicants for a variety of positions, so please do not hesitate to forward your resume and a cover letter even if your interests fall outside the realm of the opportunities listed here.


The Research team is responsible for creating all of the customized tools and resources that our members rely on to make business decisions. Our Researchers are intellectually curious, passionate about research and writing while being skilled in both qualitative and quantitative analysis.


The Development team is responsible for all new business initiatives as well as cultivating and maintaining existing member relationships. The Development team is made up of individuals who are creative problem solvers and passionate about the services and solutions that Hanover Research can provide to assist members with their information services needs.

HANOVER GRANTS (A division of Hanover Research):

The Hanover Grants team is responsible for identifying grant opportunities, conducting individual client needs assessment, application stewardship including grant writing and review as well as grant compliance analysis and reporting. The team is comprised of Grant Consultants, full-time and part-time Grant Writers.


Operations is the support structure of the organization. Roles within Operations include: Human Resources, Finance and Administrative Support.

Health & Wellness Benefits:

Hanover Research offers medical, dental, vision care, life insurance, long term disability and Flexible Spending benefits for employees and their eligible dependents on the first day of the month following their start date. Coverage is available to employees in all locations and to their same-sex domestic partners as well. Hanover Research pays 100% of employee benefit premiums for the medical, dental, life insurance and long-term disability coverage. We offer discounted gym memberships in our two main locations – Washington, DC and Charlottesville, VA.

Retirement Investments

401(k) Plan: Hanover Research offers a variety of 401(k) investment options, managed through our payroll partner, Paychex, for retirement investment. Automatic payroll deduction allows employees to contribute up to the annual IRS dollar limit of their eligible salary to a 401(k) plan. Hanover Research offers a company match of 2%. All employees are eligible to participate in the 401(k) plan.

Time Off

18 days of PTO and 10 company holidays per year

Family and Parenting

Paid Parental Leave: Hanover Research offers all eligible full-time, U.S. employees up to 12 weeks of Paid Parental Leave for the birth of their child. While an employee is on Paid Parental Leave, Hanover Research will continue his/her health benefits and 401(k) as if the employee had continued to work full-time.


Hanover staff participated for the second year in a row in the national Servathon in DC in support of HandsOn Greater DC Cares. We were tasked with painting and renovating a community center in the city. The event was extremely successful. The Center was so thankful for all the work that we completed-- we gave that place quite the facelift. All 30 of our wonderful volunteers were extremely enthusiastic and engaged. I'd like to thank everyone from the DC office and those from Charlottesville that made the trek up to volunteer for all of your hard work and great attitudes. It was a wonderful time had by all!

At Hanover, we care about the community we live in. We strive to foster a culture of volunteerism among our employees by participating in community-wide volunteer events, as well as ongoing volunteer programs. Throughout the last 12 months, Hanover employees have participated in the following activities to benefit our community:


“Blood for Blackie” Blood Drive - Partnering with the American Red Cross, one of our employees organized a blood drive in memory of his father, who had been a devoted blood donor throughout his lifetime. Staff and their friends participated in raising awareness of the event and donated blood.


Sun Trust National Half Marathon Relay - Our “Fund-racers” trained together in February and each committed to raising $1200 to support Back on My Feet, an organization that promotes the self-sufficiency of those experiencing homelessness by engaging them in running as a means to build confidence, strength and self-esteem. The relay and the fundraising was a huge success with quite a few novice runners completing their first races.


Japan Tsunami fundraising – In response to the devastating tsunami and earthquake that wreaked havoc on Japan in March 2011, employees organized a donation drive to support the Japan Relief Fund for AmeriCares.


Foxfield Race Day – A company tradition since our start-up days in Charlottesville, VA, Hanover’s company-wide outing to the Foxfield Races was a fun day out for all staff. Transportation was provided for DC staff and their guests to get everyone safely to and from the event.


For Love of Children (FLOC) – Hanover is partnering with a new organization, For Love of Children, in order to provide staff with opportunities to tutor local middle and high school students in reading and math. Several Hanover employees signed up to become summer tutors, while others signed up to become tutors in the fall. To accommodate the intensive summer session, Hanover staff work flex-schedules on Tuesdays and Thursdays.


Somali Famine Response - In response to the food crisis in East Africa, Hanover sponsored a donation drive to raise funds to support aid organizations (UNICEF and World Vision) responding to the crisis in East Africa. For each donation made by an employee, Hanover matched the donation up to $25.


A Day of Service - Both the DC and Charlottesville offices participate in community-wide service events each year to coincide with the 9-11 anniversary. In Charlottesville, a Hanover team of volunteers participate in the annual United Way Charlottesville Day of Caring. Thousands of volunteers from local companies and organizations participate by completing much-needed projects at local agencies and schools. The DC office joins over 10,000 members of the DC-Metro community by participating in one of three days of service events across the region. In 2011, as part of the 10th anniversary of the September 11 attacks, the DC community will be honoring those touched by 9/11 by engaging in nearly 50 service projects at non-profits, schools and community based organizations.


For Love of Children – The school year tutoring sessions begin!


Fannie Mae Help the Homeless Walkathon - In 2010, we participated in the Fannie Mae Help the Homeless Walkathon. Hanover sponsored a team of walkers, and our sponsorship benefitted Miriam’s Kitchen, a non-profit organization responding to the needs of the homeless community in the DC Metro area.


Holiday Food Drive - Hanover holds a Holiday Food Drive each year to support the Capital Area Food Bank. In past years, we have held the food drive as a contest between each of our offices. We plan on expanding our efforts to include a toy drive as well, so that needy children in the community are able to enjoy the holiday season.


For over a year, Hanover has provided a team of 2-4 volunteers to serve a dinner shift at Miriam’s Kitchen each month. Miriam’s Kitchen provides healthy, homemade meals and comprehensive case management services to homeless men and women in Washington, DC. Our volunteers help prepare, cook, and serve meals, and then clean up the kitchen and dining room in preparation for the next day.

Hanover Research

Community Outreach

Bread For the City Food Pantry

Hanover was able to fill a WHOLE ROOM with Thanksgiving Meals!

The Community Outreach Committee visited Bread For the City on November 7th to bag meals for vulnerable populations throughout the DC area. At the time of press, Bread For the City has given away over 2,800 turkeys! Based on the picture above, it is clear that Hanover contributed to compiling hundreds of these Thanksgiving meals this organization will distribute. To learn more about this great cause, view their website here.

Bianca Kahlenberg, Emily Wade, and Annie Koeing help make DC families a Thanksgiving meal!

Volunteer of the Month Niki Price prepares a meal bag with canned goods

Natasha Kolar and Ruth Zheng bagging away

A week in the life of a Research Associate at Hanover Research:


· 8:30am: It’s a new week! I wrapped up my recent project on Friday so I will be receiving a new project assignment today! I wonder which member I will be working for this time around?

· 9:00am: I just received my new project. It is for a non-profit member here in the US. I have never worked on any of their projects before so I will need to meet with the Content Director to get a better understanding of their requirements and the scope of the project.

· 10:00am: I have started to do some preliminary research to gain familiarity with the member and research request. Let me look through past reports in our online library to see if we have already completed a project on this topic. If we have, the sources cited will be very useful!

· 11:00am: The CD (Content Director) gave me some good ideas for how to approach this research request. I am looking forward to it! I will need to conduct some more secondary research and start on my outline before I head out today! I must keep track of my sources so that I can complete my citations quickly and stay organized!


· 8:30am: Continue with the secondary research and finish my outline. I will need to discuss my outline with my CD to make sure that I am on the right track.

· 9:30am: Research Meeting! John is presenting an informal training on some best practices for gathering primary research. We also get to hear how everyone is doing on their projects and share any tips or ideas.

· 10:30am: Meet with my CD to review my initial findings and outline. We discuss only minor changes and I feel confident that I am going to be able to provide good information to our member.

· 2:30pm: Let’s start writing! This is going to be a 15-page report and I need to have it ready by Friday morning. I will need to conduct some primary research by phone as well, so I will need to have a draft of the first section of the report done today in order to devote time tomorrow to phone calls.

· 5:30pm: Send initial draft material to my CD for review.

· 6:30pm: Quiz night at The Elephant and Castle. Our team is edging closer towards overtaking the current leader (the other research team) so let’s hope for fewer sports questions this time around!


· 8:30am: Preparing my list of experts to call for primary research. I need to start with the east coast based contributors first and work my way to the west coast after lunch!

· 11:30am: I’ve made a lot of calls already and jotted down so many notes. Looks like I’ll have a new section of the report drafted by the end of the day.

· 3:00pm: Just checked my email and saw that one of my contacts has sent the data set I begged for. Research gold!

· 4:00pm: I am heading off to chat to the Quant team about how to include the data in the project in an easy-to-read graph. They usually take a fraction of the time it would take me if I tried to muddle my way through it on my own.

· 5:30pm: Sent my updates to the CD and scheduled time to review these additions and how to incorporate them into the document.


· 8:30am: CRUNCH TIME! I need to finish writing the report and add a “Key Findings” section outlining the key takeaway points for the member by mid-afternoon! Glad we have a new batch of flavored coffee for the Keurig machine!

· 3:00pm: Whew! I have enough time to do a self-edit on my project and send it to a Content Analyst for an informal edit before I need to submit the final draft to my CD for final editing tomorrow morning.


· 8:00am: Got into the office a little earlier today to check the report for the last time before sending it to the CD.

· 9:30am: I am scheduled to start a new project on Monday so I will be helping out the Survey team with a new customer satisfaction survey today! I’ve never worked with these tools before so this will be something completely new for me.

· 1:30pm: We’ve rewritten and reworded the questions and response options for the survey. It looks like we have covered everything, but the CD will be speaking to the member at 2pm to go over all the questions before we finalize the format. Time for a quick lunch in Farragut Square.

· 3:00pm: The member is very happy with the survey questions and had only one or two revisions. I am going to be helping one of the Content Analysts program the survey and run some test data.

· 5:00pm: The survey is all set! The Content Analyst will run a few more tests on Monday to make sure it is bug-free before we can launch it for the member. I’ve asked the CD in charge if I can help with the data analysis in a few weeks once all the responses are collected. I am looking forward to seeing how the project turns out!

6:30pm: Quiz night at The Elephant and Castle. Our team is lagging quite a few points behind the current leader (one of the research teams) so let’s hope for more sports and random trivia questions tonight! The Development team needs to win this battle!


8:30am: I walk in to the office to find three voicemails. One being a top prospect wanting to schedule, so I immediately return the call to get something on his calendar. I also call a few of the follow-ups I couldn’t get in touch with on Monday to see if I can catch them and get a call on their calendars. Our research team has been doing amazing work with surveys recently and I am excited to share this with our prospective members!

10:30am: Today I will be helping my DD to create a newsletter to send out to both current and prospective members. In it, we will include any news related to a report or project Hanover has completed and also address our congratulations to any new members since our last newsletter. We work hard to build and maintain a “Hanover Member Community.”

3:00pm: Aside from monthly newsletters, some of the DAs manage Twitter accounts for a few of the different practice areas within Hanover Research. I enjoy sharing articles or press releases with our contacts. I know having the information helps them stay on top of all the latest developments in their fields!

4:30pm: I’ve got quite a few confirmations to get out for tomorrow.


8:30am: Since I spent the majority of yesterday working on the newsletter, I start the day early today and get some calls in. We have our Development Meeting this afternoon and I need to make sure I get all my calls in before the meeting.

12:00pm: Today’s meeting was accompanied by lunch from The Italian Store! This is quickly becoming an office favorite. After everyone attacks the six-foot long sandwich and toppings, we congregate in the meeting room and begin our Development Meeting. We start with recent news, HR usually fills us in with any new hires, community outreach activities and Hanover social events – we like to keep a pretty full calendar. This month it looks like we’ll be volunteering at a local soup kitchen and going to a Nats game – the last game we went to one of the DAs caught J. Werth’s homerun!

3:00pm: In the midst of an afternoon of scheduling meetings and follow-ups, I also start compiling a list of invitees for a webinar that my DD will be conducting next week. She usually tries to do these monthly on a recent study that we completed for a member in our practice. This is another one of our “Hanover Member Community” initiatives.


8:30am: The week has gone by faster than expected! I need one more meeting to hit my goal for the week; and if I’ve learned anything about summer in the world of business it’s that I better get calling early before our contacts leave for the afternoon.

12:30pm: The Development team usually goes out for lunch on Fridays, so after venturing out and battling through the crowds, we are able enjoy a great lunch in Georgetown.

3:00pm: Scheduling over the suggested goal proves to be a smart decision in the dead of summer and fortunately my DD and I are right on track to meet our month’s meeting goal. We end the day generating a strategy plan for next week, get some ideas together for the webinar and a plan for organizations to call.

Hanover Research is a great place to start your career. We are always looking for intellectually curious and dynamic new undergraduates, graduates and PhD students for full-time positions and long-term internships. Our research teams are comprised of individuals from a variety of backgrounds including social sciences, liberal arts as well as the hard sciences. If you are interested in applying the research skills you’ve honed during your academic studies, the Research Associate position might be the perfect opportunity for you. For those go-getters interested in sales and business development, the Development Associate position might be the ideal first step in your career.

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40 Reviews
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    Current Employee - Content Analyst  in  Arlington, VA
    Current Employee - Content Analyst in Arlington, VA

    I have been working at Hanover Research full-time


    First of all, I can't imagine finding a cooler group of people to work with. I would be friends with my coworkers had we met in some other situation, and I think that is pretty rare. They're amazing people and they are my favorite part of Hanover. Speaking about the education side of research, projects are often objectively interesting. Higher ed researchers get exposed to a large number of topics and research methodologies, including the increasing use of primary research. Most projects are reasonably enjoyable, but if you don't like what you're doing, you know you'll be through with it in a week. Managers are usually responsive and offer insight into project expectations. The company clearly has an eye towards improvement and they really care about worker satisfaction. Management strives to develop a greater sense of collaboration and long-term vision among researchers. Employees who carve out a path for themselves will absolutely do well. As far as benefits and compensation are concerned, I am satisfied, and I was definitely pleased at the recent company-wide increase in PTO.


    The work of a researcher can, over time, become tiring. It can be difficult to keep in mind the ultimate impact of what you are doing as a researcher because you are always onto the next thing and often are crunched at deadlines. You'll do better if you can set aside your perfectionist tendencies and think about how you can effectively answer a question *in the time given.* Fast readers/writers will also do well. But, given a couple of years in research, you will probably want to move on to something with more variation in workload and more responsibility. That can be challenging. In the same way that employees who carve a path for themselves will succeed, those who do not will probably grow bored in time. To succeed in research, you either need to be a superstar researcher, which will enable you to find a niche where you can be a research specialist or will let you move into client-facing roles, OR you need to find some other area of interest and pursue that. If you're good - but not great - at research, you may find it hard to move to those roles. Still, if you find something you can be great at, Hanover will reward you for that in time and I do believe they value people who work hard and find their strengths.

    Advice to ManagementAdvice

    Continue to invest in researcher satisfaction and long-term career development and let us know that you value us, particularly around the time researchers start to feel fatigue. Upward reviews, surveys, and so forth have been helpful. Transparency is also key. Also, while it has been undeniably good to hire some external CDs, it is unclear to researchers whether we are still wanted as CDs as well, so making our career path options really clear would be helpful.

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Hanover Research Interviews

Updated Aug 25, 2014
Updated Aug 25, 2014

Interview Experience

Interview Experience


Getting an Interview

Getting an Interview


Interview Difficulty


Interview Difficulty




    Research Associate Interview

    Anonymous Employee  in  Washington, DC
    Anonymous Employee in Washington, DC
    Application Details

    I applied online. The process took 3 months - interviewed at Hanover Research.

    Interview Details

    1) Applied to Hanover in early June
    2) Completed an hour-long, online GRE-type test (nothing too difficult)
    3) Spoke to recruiter on the phone for 30 minutes. She informed me that she would send me a mock project to complete.
    4) Spent a week (probably 40 hours) working on a report about international branch campuses. Guidelines were vague but I assumed they were more interested in seeing my writing quality.
    5) I was informed that I would hear back about the project in 4-10 days. Ten days passed and no word. I emailed Hanover and they informed me they received positive feedback on my project.
    6) Scheduled an in-person interview in Washington, DC. Interviewed with 3 project managers. The interview lasted two hours, and my perception was that the interview went well.
    7) Returned home to an email saying the feedback from the interview was positive but that they wanted me to complete ANOTHER project.

    ---- Here is where I should have said no. At this point, the fact that they used me to complete another project is really insulting.

    8) Completed a three-day data analysis project. I was informed I would hear back in 4-10 days. Surprise, surprise, 10 days came and went and no word about the project.
    9) A few weeks later, I received an email saying Hanover was busy with employee evaluations, and they hadn't had a chance to review my second project.
    10) On August 25th, (remember I applied on June 4th), I received a rejection email with no explanation as to why I was not chosen for the position.

    I have never had such a terrible experience with a company before. I am just disgusted that Hanover has the audacity to treat its candidates like this. If this is how this company treats its candidates, how does it treat its clients? I wouldn't want to work for this company nor would I want to do business for this company.

    Interview Questions
    • Honestly, I do not recall any of the questions being difficult.   Answer Question
    No Offer
    Negative Experience
    Average Interview

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Website www.hanoverresearch.com
Headquarters Washington, DC
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Founded 2003
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Hanover Research is a global information services firm providing knowledge support to both for-profit and non-profit organizations. Through our unique, fixed-fee model we deliver customized, timely, and authoritative research and advice enabling our clients to make informed decisions, identify and seize opportunities, and heighten their effectiveness.

Mission: Mission:
We build lasting partnerships with organizations to provide expertise and transformative insights that drive growth, efficiency, and improved outcomes...

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