Mediaocean – Why Work For Us?

Mediaocean is the Leading Software Platform for the Advertising World.

Our traditional and digital media platforms enable agencies and brands to manage and coordinate the entire advertising workflow, globally—from planning and buying, to analyzing and optimizing, to invoicing and payments.

Our open platform Connect integrates media suppliers, data providers, ad servers and third-party technologies—allowing agencies to build optimal solutions for business and operations. By integrating multiple solutions into a central hub, Mediaocean helps agencies create a common framework, define standards, unify cross-channel data, and build opportunities that drive continued success.

Advertising. Powered by Mediaocean.

Mediaocean products power the world’s advertising. And it’s Mediaocean’s employees that power Mediaocean. Browse below to see what roles people play at Mediaocean—and which might be the best fit for you.


Bridge the business and technical worlds as a problem-solver. Product managers work closely with clients and developers to understand what the market needs—and to turn those needs into products that impact our users’ lives. Product managers combine a deep understanding of the client business, a mastery of software, and the people and leadership skills to get it all done.


Our developers bring an array of technical skills and engineering capabilities to turn product concepts into powerful solutions. They work with teams across the organization and across the development cycle—from initial coding, to QA and troubleshooting, to deployment. They’re not afraid to iterate quickly, they live to code—and they build great products.


Mediaocean is dedicated to giving all our 80,000+ users the most seamless experience possible. The QA teams are the perfectionists that ensure that the product experience is seamless. They’re passionate about code, are creative in how they test, and won’t relax until they know we’re delivering the best products the industry has to offer.


Our account managers identify and implement the solutions that help their business thrive. They combine a passion for improving the advertising world, a strong understanding of our product suite and of the agency business, and the creative problem-solving to turn agency needs into deep, mutually beneficial relationships for the long-term.


Mediaocean support specialists make our products work better for our clients—guiding users through subtle points of our software that may not be obvious at first, and working with the Product, Development, and Marketing teams as the front lines in solving problems that emerge, and delivering a better product with each release.


The Training team gives our users the knowledge to unleash the potential of Mediaocean platforms. Through expert classroom training, on-site support, e-learning, and more, Training combines a mastery of teaching and design with a deep knowledge of our software and our clients’ work to help Mediaocean’s global users get the most from the platforms we deliver.


Mediaocean’s Marketing team lets the global media community, internal teams, and the business world at large understand the value that Mediaocean offers. From driving stunning visual design for our products to getting the word out in the press to working cross-departmentally to drive the latest product and feature releases to our end users, Marketing ensures that our brand is simple to understand, in sync with demand, and top-of-mind in the marketplace.


Project Managers translate Mediaocean’s product vision into the software that transforms our clients’ work. They serve as the bridge across senior management, account teams, developers and clients—tackling any engineering or resource challenge along the way, and, quite simply, making things happen. Mediaocean’s Project Managers are the driving force behind our speed to market.


The Human Resources team’s goal is simple: hire the brightest minds to bring Mediaocean’s vision to life—and give them a great place to work. From recruiting and on-boarding the right candidates, to managing employee wellness, to fostering training organization-wide, the global HR team combines people skills and the understanding of Mediaocean’s products to transform the workplace into a culture—and each job into a path to growth.


To power the world’s advertising, Mediaocean needs a solid infrastructure to make sure we’re strong from the inside out. From servers to monitoring to backups, our infrastructure teams ensure that our products operate reliably; that internal applications and tools work smoothly; and that we have the backend at the ready to deploy the best software today, and tomorrow.


Mediaocean software helps our clients run their finances effectively and efficiently. Our Finance team does the same for Mediaocean. From managing company investments and financial strategies to controlling expenses and costs. Finance is at the heart of making sure our company isn’t just great—it’s profitable. And, of course, Finance only becomes more critical as our company heads into new stages of growth.


Mediaocean powers advertising, and the facilities teams create the workplace where that happens—from helping make our space comfortable, to keeping the lights on. From space planning and environmental design to construction, maintenance and safety, they oversee our 11 locations spanning three continents where nearly 1,000 employees, contractors, and guests pass through each day.



At Mediaocean, we believe passion drives success. We care deeply about our work and helping our clients with the challenges they face. Our passion inspires us and moves us to pursue excellence in everything we do.


We have offices around the globe, and many diverse roles. But we're one company with one shared vision. We strive to help each other perform our best by listening to ideas and supporting each other. We win as one. You're more than a team member. You are Mediaocean.


In a complex, evolving industry, innovators are the ones who succeed. That's why we're hyper-focused on powering the future of advertising. We serve today's needs and tomorrow's demands by developing creative strategies and groundbreaking executions.


Focusing on clients above all else guides everything we create and deliver. We're open and cooperative, both internally and with clients and partners, to ensure that every experience is the best it can be. Our openness extends to our products and services, so we design them to be simple and effective. That empowers our clients to be efficient, reliable, and limitless - improving their workflow and driving their success.


Success requires calculated risks. So we think outside the box and take leaps into the unknown. When risks don't work out, we correct our mistakes and turn challenges into opportunities. When risks succeed, we take Mediaocean to the next level.


Mediaocean is part of a global community employees, clients, partners, and philanthropy. From corporate giving to employee community outreach, the heart of our brand strives for positive change.


We're here to unleash the potential of global advertising - and to have a great time while doing it. From working at a job we love to sharing good times with co-workers, we always keep fun in the picture. Sure, sometimes we need to race against deadlines and put our noses to the grindstone. But we know work and life are better when we keep the light side in.


Mediaocean is strongly committed to cultivating a diverse and inclusive workplace. We value and respect the variety of cultures, abilities and perspectives embodied in our employees, clients, and partners. Our supportive environment fosters, respect and creativity while providing challenging and rewarding opportunities. As we continue to expand in the global community, it is our belief that this commitment will continue to fuel our growth and meet the needs of our clients in a global marketplace. We actively seek a diverse workforce passionate about creating and supporting our groundbreaking products that power the future of advertising.


The Perks

Each month we have some kind of exciting perks. It could be Happy Hour, Karaoke, Movie Night or show off your hidden talent at Mediaocean has Talent! (Not a part of your performance review)

  • Game Room: We have authentic PacMan and Ms. PacMan (because they are equal), plus foosball, Ping-Pong, and a PlayStation. We also hold tournaments. It gets serious. Bring it on!
  • Free Yoga Class: Every Tuesday, because there is no place like O’m.
  • Free Zumba Class: Every other Thursday. Oh, and then of course you can use our spa-like showers with free fluffy towels.
  • Clubs: Join our Walking Wednesdays Club where we designate a participant to choose a different route every week.


  • On-site Massage: To remove the kinks, we bring you a licensed massage therapist once a week.
  • On-site Mani/Pedi: We don’t always have time to take care of ourselves after work so we do it right here with an express Mani/Pedi service!


  • They say it’s your Birthday: At the end of every month we celebrate birthdays/anniversaries with some cake and ice cream because that’s the only way to do it, obviously.
  • Team outings – We don’t like to brag much, but we encourage bonding with your co-workers, sharing your thoughts and ideas and really just having some fun with your team.
  • What's a Flying Bearshark? – Why it's the body of a bear, with the head of a shark, and the wings of an eagle! It's also one of our company softball teams. We happened to win a Summer and Fall championship in 2014, but again, we don't like to brag.


  • Executive outing – Think out of the box with the execs and be part of strategic discussions which include setting goals and having some fun at an off-site location.
  • MOvember – Mo Bros and Mo Sistas celebrate Movember and are committed to helping change the face of men’s health. It becomes quite a competition with our folks... and quite hairy.


  • Auction – Come participate in the auction where Bill (CEO/Auctioneer Extraordinaire) will auction off things that we just don’t need any more because we keep getting trendier. And the proceeds go to charity!
  • Holiday parties with themes- Our parties are always a surprise, even to us! Our Gatsby and 1967 themed parties were such a hit that they just kept us going for extra hours… No one wants to leave our parties.


  • Summer events - We partied on the West Side Highway during the summer at our Mediaocean State Fair and had nail biting volley ball games against our execs! Sometimes we let them win.


  • Ice Cream Socials - Who doesn't love ice cream? No, seriously.
  • Pie eating contest- Although we do focus on wellness, the pies were just too good at our State Fair. Let them eat Pie!
  • Bake-offs – You have not eaten baked goods until you've eaten our teams’ baked goods! People were left begging for the recipes. No pressure!
  • Pot Luck – We want to make sure that everyone is domesticated, so we put them to the test with our Pot Luck. They have not let us down.
  • Putting contest – Win a gift card for longest putt!
  • Quarterly all hands meeting – We like to update our team on what’s happening globally, because you need to know how we are doing! These town hall meetings include updates on strategic initiatives, products, goals, awards, and much more.
  • Conferences – Expand your knowledge base, network with others in the industry, or simply read about the event. We sponsor and/or participate in events such as the Grace Hopper Celebration of Women, IAB Annual Leadership, Technology for Marketing and Advertising and many more!
  • Ad Council – Mediaocean strongly believes in the idea of working towards the greater good in all that we do (and, well... going to great parties) so we get really excited about Ad Council’s Annual Public Service Award Dinners!
  • Connect series – We often hold meetings that include knowledgeable folks in the industry who come and give informative updates on many topics. Our awesome CEO usually leads the Panel which he always keeps interesting (particularly with his choice of socks).
  • Brand ambassadors –These lovely people are centered on Mediaocean Brand Values and meet bi-quarterly for a mix of celebration, recognition, networking, education and feedback from passionate employees like you.
  • Women in Tech – We believe in change and are making it happen at events such as: Grace Hopper, AWNY, Step Up, and our through our WIT scholarships!
  • Philanthropy- We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give." - Winston Churchill. 

    One of the core values at Mediaocean is to Give Back. We give employees time off to do good with their charity of choice or they can participate in organized events.  We run quarterly blood drives in our offices, annual coat drives, food drives to support our local communities and MOvember (the one time a man can grow a crazy stache for a good cause).  Some examples of our organized opportunities include teams that volunteer at local soup kitchens and each summer in NY we travel to the beach to support Wheels2Water where we take individuals coping with recent paralysis into the ocean to surf! Not a bad way to spend a hot July day. Whatever the event is, it is always rewarding.

  • Brand Value Awards – Get recognized for your Unity, Passion, Innovation, User Focus, Giving back, and receive $100 gift card... This does not include singing.

Yes, we think our New York Space is Super Cool!

Mediaocean New York is located in Chelsea. A very hip neighborhood indeed with access to just about anything you want. Take a break and walk to the HighLine to eat your lunch and do some people watching (sometimes we see celebrities). Head over to Union Square for some noodles or up to Madison Square Park for some Shake Shack!

Mediaocean has a fantastic work environment, and we like to believe it will be the best job you’ll ever have: exceptional benefits and perks and a collaborative working environment that will make you feel that you are a part of the team!

Happy Holidays!

We love Holidays! So much so that we typically have an Early Close the day before to get you in the holiday mood.

Time Off without a Doctor's Note

We offer a generous time-off policy, and we do not differentiate types of time-off. Your days are your days to take off, no reasons or explanations needed.

Dress Code

Clothes are important! We are pretty casual at Mediaocean and are known to have Tie Tuesdays and Friday Fan Wear, not to mention our Flip Flop Fridays in the hot months.

Health/Vision/Prescription/Dental Care

Mediaocean provides a competitive medical plan cost sharing arrangement with comprehensive health, vision, prescription, and dental coverages. We also offer a High Deductible Savings Account which allows employees to take advantage of the benefits of a Health Savings Account. Benefits are effective on your date of hire. No waiting period!

Pre-Tax Savings Programs

  • Traditional Pre-Tax or Roth (After-Tax): Employees can contribute up to the allowable IRS limit each year. We automatically enroll new hires for 5% in case you just don’t have them time! You can change your contribution any time you feel you have more or less to spare.
  • Flex Spending Account: Includes the option of a medical and/or a dependent care account.
  • Transit Account: Use some pre-tax dollars to pay for commuting costs

Because It’s Important!

  • AD&D: 1 times annual salary up to $500k, paid by Mediaocean.
  • Life Insurance: 1 times annual salary up to $500k, a paid for by the Mediaocean.
  • Long-Term Disability:   60% of your salary, up to a maximum of $13,000 per month, paid for by Mediaocean. We give you the option to pay your premium for tax-free benefit.
  • Short-Term Disability: 14 days of 133% Salary Continuation with Day 15 being your first day of STD at 66 2/3% of your salary to max of $1000 per week paid by Mediaocean or a Buy-up option to $1,500  per week.
  • Supplemental AD&D: Option to purchase additional AD&D insurance at an awesome group rate.
  • Supplemental Life Insurance: Option to purchase additional life insurance.
  • Supplemental Long-Term Disability Insurance: Option to purchase additional coverage.

Because We Care!

  • Employee Assistance Program: Confidential counseling & referral service for employees and eligible dependents.
  • Maternity Leave: Up to 6 weeks off at 100% pay in addition to your Salary Continuation and Short Term Disability.
  • Paternity/Partner Leave: Up to 4 weeks off at 100% pay to be taken within 6 months of the baby’s birth.


We pioneered media technology in the 1960’s and today our advanced software platforms continue to power the advertising world. We are the software behind the ads millions of people see every day, from the Super Bowl in the US to the X Factor in the UK. Our platforms help 80,000 advertising professionals manage $130 billion worth of ads across websites, TV sets, radios, billboards, and more.

We’re Mediaocean. Join us.


From building real-time platforms to systems design, from actionable big data to human-factor engineering, we’re looking for bright minds to tackle some of tech’s biggest challenges, and to build the revolutionary platforms of the future.


When it comes to benefits and perks, we have everything you’d expect at a large company, but we also want to take care of our employees - from developing their career path and growing their knowledge, keeping them informed of company news, and making sure that Mediaocean is a fun and healthy environment.


Your growth is important to Mediaocean. That’s why we’re dedicated to helping you drive your career path and develop your knowledge.

•    A personalized development plan you create with your manager
•    eLearning courses available online 24/7/365
•    Management, leadership, and function-specific training for top performance
•    Educational reimbursement programs
•    Guest speakers from the best and brightest in the field to keep us informed and ahead of the curve
•    Weekly emails to stay up to date on Mediaocean and the advertising industry


We’re looking for college students who are passionate about technology and want to make an impact by working on some of the most crucial business software in the world. Our internships give you the chance to grow and learn from our seasoned technologists and accelerate your career in a fast growing business.

• Have an impact Our interns’ work has gone directly into our software, and supported our strategies. We’re looking for people to make an impact from day one.
• Learn the business From mentorship programs to mingling with senior executives, our internship program is designed to help you learn from some of the most talented people in the field.
• Launch your career Your paid internship is a launching pad to big things. Some of our most critical employees began as interns with us.
• Play hard From companywide events to intern-only parties, discover Mediaocean’s firm commitment to fun.


Pursuing an undergraduate or graduate degree in a quantitative field like computer science, computer engineering, mathematics, statistics? Reach out to us. We’re looking for smart people to help us build our products—and to become our next group of leading developers.


Learn what it takes to run a global business. Building a revolutionary enterprise takes deep client relationships, smart finances, efficient operations, and more. And it takes passionate and driven people at all levels to help turn our vision into a reality. Whether you’re majoring in computer science or European history, we’d love to see what you have to offer.


At Mediaocean, we believe that happy, healthy employees are the foundation of success. We invest heavily in our employees’ health with stellar benefits, wellness programs, and on-site fitness classes with expert instructors.

Furthermore, we have fun at Mediaocean with big parties to celebrate our employees, driving the competitive spirit with corporate intramural sports teams, and catering delicious breakfasts in our largest offices.

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    A great place to work!

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    Current Employee - Anonymous Employee in New York, NY
    Current Employee - Anonymous Employee in New York, NY
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    I have been working at Mediaocean full-time (More than 5 years)


    Mediaocean begins and ends with people - I work with people that I want to be around day in and day out. They are intelligent, driven and collaborative. It's a high energy environment and the dynamic media industry. The tone is set from at the executive level - an entrepreneurial spirit where we work hard and have fun. Goals and vision for the company are shared with all employees and notable happenings are communicated through e-mail, company wide meeting and weekly updates. There is a genuine effort to provide a positive working environment and perks to folks - a wellness series, yoga, zumba, perks program, company breakfasts and a perks program. New office space rocks!


    I have no cons to report.

    Advice to Management

    Folks really appreciate the open line of communication on company initiatives, goals and news via all hands and updates and the management team's presence in the office. Keep it up!

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    Junior Java Developer Interview

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    I applied online. I interviewed at Mediaocean (New York, NY).


    Applied through LinkedIn. Got a call from recruiter in a day, then scheduled a technical phone interview about 3-4 days later. It covered basic java questions (Just google top java interview questions and read those). Then got an invite to the Manhattan Office for an onsite interview. It involved a 1 hr test involving general java coding, then a technical interview involving basic java and sql fundamentals. Then met the director and discussed the position and work the team was into. Got the offer next day. In all a very cool and calm interview process, I particularly enjoyed it.

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    • Reverse linked list, Questions based on sql joins and aggregations.   Answer Question

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Entrepreneur of the Year® , Ernst & Young (E&Y), 2013
100 Top Private Companies , OnMedia, 2013
OnCloud Top 100 Private Companies , AlwaysOn, 2015
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Headquarters New York, NY
Size 500 to 999 Employees
Founded 1967
Type Company - Private
Industry Information Technology
Revenue $25 to $50 million (USD) per year
Competitors Google, SAP, Accenture

Mediaocean is the leading software platform provider for the marketing world. Its open traditional and digital media platforms empower businesses and professionals across the global marketing ecosystem with intelligent automation, efficiency, and flexibility in their workflow – from planning and buying, to analyzing and optimizing, to invoicing and payments. With over ... More

Mission: To build open, intuitive, universal enterprise software solutions for the global advertising community. Our vision is to use the power of technology to unleash the full potential of global marketing.

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