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Sapient Global Markets – Why Work For Us?

A Unique Partner for Firms in the Capital and Commodity Markets

Sapient Global Markets is the only provider in the world to offer integrated advisory, program management, analytics, technology and operations services exclusively to capital and commodity market participants and regulators. We leverage our unique perspective, full capabilities, global reach and disciplined execution to help you compete, evolve and grow in these dynamic markets.

Industry Savvy
We are singularly focused on the capital and commodity markets. To every engagement we bring an innate understanding of the key stakeholders, their operating models and roles within the greater ecosystem. We recognize the challenges faced by all market participants and regulators—and the inter-dependencies that must be considered when addressing them.

Aligned to Client Needs
We directly align our service offerings to your needs. This allows us to create centers of excellence that you can leverage to transform and enable your business. Combined with our domain expertise, we are able to be true advisors to your business and address your organization’s most pressing issues.

Global Reach
Our global distributed delivery model ensures quality and provides consistency and efficiencies across all regions. It allows us to deliver resources in dozens of countries and leverage time zones for round-the-clock project support.

Complete Capabilities
Our capabilities are comprehensive across all asset classes. Our five service lines—Advisory, Program Management, Analytics, Technology and Operations—address the full engagement, from concept to support.

Expert Delivery
We are passionate about this industry. Our proven track record and reputation help us attract leading experts in their fields, furthering our domain expertise and enabling us to deliver impactful results.

Partnership Approach
We partner with our clients and develop relationships based on openness at every level, shared knowledge and risk and a cultural match.

Enable Human Potential Image

Enabling Human Potential

The only way to become a truly great company is by enabling human potential. We provide our people with the opportunity to control their professional destiny by growing and exploring new areas and capabilities.

Training Opportunities
Our comprehensive corporate, industry and technical training frameworks put you in the driver’s seat, allowing you to develop your own personalized career path, manage your learning and development and document your progress along the way. Ultimately, you control the pace and direction of your professional growth.

At Sapient Global Markets, there are many ways to grow:

  • Learn new cross-function skill sets
  • Explore new disciplines
  • Become a subject matter expert or expand your general business skills
  • Experience different cultures and geographies
  • Develop leadership and managerial skills
  • Build long-term, trusted and valuable relationships with our clients, our people and our partners.

You chart the course and set the pace. We simply provide the tools and support you need to get there.

Going Beyond Delivery to Ensure Success
Whether we are redesigning operational models, optimizing trading platforms, implementing new technology solutions or redefining processes, we are able to address client needs from concept through delivery—and beyond.

Life at Sapient Image

Life at Sapient

We believe you won’t find a corporate culture like ours anywhere else. It’s what gives us our edge, and creates agility unmatched by any other firm in our industry. Our culture is underpinned by six core values that have been tended to and nurtured carefully over our 20-year history.

  • Client-focused Delivery—Create fanatical advocates for Sapient by providing extraordinary experiences and unprecedented outcomes for our clients and their customers.
  • Creativity—Innovate by creating new sources of value and identifying opportunities that exploit the intersections of business, marketing and technology.
  • Leadership—Focus, inspire, motivate and grow our clients and ourselves to achieve exceptional results.
  • Openness—Be open, honest and direct to build trust and get at the right answers with our clients and each other.
  • People Growth—Rapidly and continuously grow ourselves and others to build a great company and a high-performance culture.
  • Relationships—Build long-term, trusted and valuable relationships with our clients, our people and our partners.

As a campus hire, an exciting future lies ahead of you. Make the most of it—and all that you’ve learned—at Sapient Global Markets. We provide the career options, learning and development resources and global landscape you need to grow and excel in the international business world.

Our campus training program is designed to help you develop the professional and personal skills required for a successful technology or program management career in the capital and commodities markets. Throughout your career at Sapient, you will have the opportunity to continually explore new areas, develop new capabilities and take advantage of extensive learning opportunities and training resources.

Our campus program helps set the stage and prepares you for an exciting career in the capital and commodity markets. Key elements include:

  1. In-depth classroom-based, facilitator-led training conducted at our Sapient Global Markets Institute in India
  2. Practical on-the-job training through our project shadowing program
  3. Mentoring and ongoing training through peer and supervisory alignment

We look for individuals that:

  • Want to grow with—and beyond—the task at hand
  • Have a strong academic record in Information Technology, Computer Science, Engineering or Finance, Economics or related business disciplines
  • Are solutions oriented, structured, open to travel and have excellent client-facing and communication capabilities
  • Are agile and flexible in mindset, enjoy the global markets’ ever-changing nature and are eager to adapt their approach to best meet client needs
  • Have had project work experience in a service-oriented, team-based environment.


Meet Our Campus Hires

They’ve completed the Global Markets Institute. Joined transformative projects. Made an impact on their team and their clients. And some have even been recognized as Rookie of the Year for their extraordinary contributions.

The best part? It’s only been one year.

Meet some of the people that started their careers at Sapient Global Markets and hear about their experiences with the year-long campus program.


Global Markets Institute

The Sapient Global Markets Institute is a unique and specialized classroom-based program that combines soft-skills courses to build your consulting skill set, theoretical courses to expand your market knowledge and practical courses that give you the opportunity to utilize your newly established consulting knowledge in a learning environment.

While spending your first few months in one of our India offices with accommodations and a daily stipend, the Global Markets Institute combines the best of two worlds: the academic challenge of the classes and the social atmosphere of discovering and exploring with your fellow classmates, all while in a culturally rich environment.

Ben Zanghi

Boston, MA
Manager, Program Management, joined June 2006

Ben Zanghi

What first brought you to Sapient Global Markets? What has kept you here?
Sapient Global Markets stood out to me during the interview process because of its focus on solving problems instead of just creating deliverables. Focusing on the problem enables more creativity in our solutions and thus more value for our clients.

I’ve stayed at Sapient Global Markets because I have a drive to continuously learn and this company has given me many opportunities to challenge myself in a variety of cross-functional roles and within numerous business contexts.

What do you do for Sapient Global Markets?
My goal is to help clients understand the problems that impact their business and then allocate resources to find solutions that drive value. This enables me to engage with clients as the lead for multiple Fusions, a specialized workshop and key element of Sapient’s methodology, as the Project Manager for large complex projects and as the track lead for business analysis and Quality Assurance (QA) teams. Currently, I’m working with a major U.S. investment management group to define and communicate its solution delivery methodology throughout the multi-billion dollar IT organization.

What about other activities outside of Sapient Global Markets?
I graduated from Babson’s MBA program in May 2012 with a concentration in Marketing after completing a track focused on managing in technologically intensive enterprises. Last year, I organized a charity event with Cradles to Crayons and am currently participating in a year-long charity initiative called Pushups for Change, which was founded by a Sapient employee.

Outside of work, I’m passionate about playing jazz piano. Some of the same aspects of playing good jazz music also apply to solving problems with clients. In jazz, it’s essential to listen to others and react in creative ways that complement the style and goals of the other musicians. I like to work the same way—continuously listening for obstacles, learning from the people around me and reacting with enthusiasm and purpose.

The best career advice I can give:
Maintain a constant curiosity about things you don’t know, a willingness to work outside your comfort zone and an approach to decision-making that is based on the vision you have for your own career.

Paula Clairmont Poss

Boston, MA
Director, Program Management, joined in 1996 and 2006

Paula Clairmont Poss

What first brought you to Sapient Global Markets? What brought you back and has kept you here?
Sapient Global Markets had an excellent reputation, the interviewing process was great and I really responded to the culture. I left in 2001 to work at a product company for five years. But, after management changes at the company, I wanted to get back to an organization that really inspired me and reached out to an old Sapient Global Markets colleague. I had a conversation with him and other managers about coming back and have been here ever since. I stay at Sapient Global Markets because of the talented and dynamic people, the constant personal and professional growth and the culture.

What do you do for Sapient Global Markets?
I build and work with teams to deliver high-value business results for our clients. While my experience level in a growing company often drives me to support others in their delivery, I really love to dig in and do the work.  In any given week or month, I may be working with executives on structuring new engagements, running strategic workshops, building teams, kicking off projects and writing scope matrices or estimating work.  This variety is what keeps it interesting.

How does work and life blend together for you?
Outside of work I’m a very busy mom of three active young children on the North Shore of Massachusetts. At work, I love to feel a strong sense of accomplishment while at the same time enjoying the journey—and it’s the same when I’m at home with my family. Sapient Global Markets embodies a culture that connects with me; this connection fuels my dedication to exceptional project delivery. Every day throughout my 10+ year career at Sapient Global Markets, I’m humbled by the talent the company continues to attract and maintain.

The best career advice I can give:
Motivate yourself to work hard every day and make sure that your priorities are on the highest value work you can achieve.  If you sense your value/skills declining, seek out opportunities that will enable you to learn high-valued skills. In my experience, if you can do these two things successfully you will excel.

Monesh Jain

Boston, MA
Senior Manager, Program Management, joined June 2005

Monesh Jain

What first brought you to Sapient Global Markets? What has kept you here?

Our people. When I interviewed at the Santa Monica office, I met people who were passionate about transforming the consulting industry, their clients and the people around them—and it’s still very much true today.

What do you do for Sapient Global Markets?

Currently, I advise clients on IT transformation initiatives. In the last two years, I’ve had the opportunity to facilitate several workshops to kick off complex IT initiatives, coach 100+ people and accelerate the delivery of 15+ projects. It's an interesting role that gives me the opportunity to meet with new clients every month, understand their challenges and coach them to sustainable success. I consider the work I do with clients to be transformative. It’s  not just about implementing change, but it’s also about the results we deliver, like reducing time to development by up to 50% or time to value by 30%—and how we are able to inspire clients by the way we work.

What transformation do you drive outside of Sapient Global Markets?

Outside of work, I promote effectiveness and innovation in technology educational programs by serving as Program Evaluator at the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology (ABET) and as an industrial advisory board member at Lamar University, where I completed the computer science graduate program.

The best career advice I can give:

Ask yourself "who are you and who do you want to be—not just what do you want to do”


Janet Mihalyfi

Boston, MA
Director, Program Management, joined April 2004

Janet Mihalyfi

What first brought you to Sapient Global Markets? What has kept you here?
Initially, I was a client and the Sapient Global Markets team knocked my socks off, so I joined the company. I stay at Sapient Global Markets because of the people; awesome people make for a fantastic place to work. If I had to give only three reasons why Sapient Global Markets is such a worthwhile place to work at, they would be: career growth opportunities, openness and belief in enabling success.

On the career growth front, I have never felt bound by a domain or title. Anytime I’ve asked for more challenges, Sapient Global Markets has provided them. And more importantly, there is recognition of success, which makes it all worthwhile. Openness goes hand in hand with this. When I first came to Sapient Global Markets, I was surprised by the amount and level of feedback I was frequently given. Receiving and giving feedback is part of the company culture and once you realize that every piece of feedback is valuable, it’s one of the greatest gifts you can get in the workplace. Lastly, people believe in getting work done to enable success. Anytime I’ve run into bureaucratic processes or procedures, someone has helped me clear a path so that delivery can happen more expediently for our clients.

What do you do for Sapient Global Markets?
I am an Agile Coach and Account Lead working with clients to transform the way they execute projects and organize their people and products. I support the account by addressing client concerns, making myself available to the team to help solve obstacles, providing career and growth opportunities for people on my account, connecting the account team to Sapient Global Markets as a whole and tackling internal processes to allow the team to dedicate their time to the clients.

What are you passionate about outside of work?
I strive to transform my environment by the actions I take every day. For example, I am passionate about animals and support about 10 animal rights charities. I dedicate my weekends to volunteering at shelters and live my beliefs in the choices I make: I’m a a vegetarian, don’t wear animal products, nor purchase products tested on animals. I’m also passionate about the University of Michigan and sit on the board of directors for the alumni association in Boston. Lastly, the earth needs all the help it can get, and through numerous renovations, my home is getting closer to being “zero energy.” Additionally, I work on passing laws and ordinances that enable green living in Boston, like helping lead the charge to get bike lanes in Charlestown.

The best career advice I can give:
Don’t make assumptions about what information others have or don’t have. Don’t assume people are coming from the same position as you, and ask as many questions as necessary to understand their point of view.

As a global company, Sapient takes its responsibility as a global citizen to heart. We have a deep desire to create a positive impact in the world and enable human potential. 

Our Sapient Gives Back approach was developed on this foundation. To us, there is no more important, nobler obligation than the giving of our time, resources and money.   

To that end, the Sapient Gives Back annual initiative gives every one of our people a day to partner with a local charity and effect change, side-by-side with their project team or local office. And, on a global scale we are proud to be associated with the organizations and volunteer activities below. 

While the missions are diverse, they all share our willingness to help.

Shake for Goodness Sake

Shake for Goodness Sake "From A Game-Changing Agency Comes A World-Changing Idea"

For the 2012 holiday season, SapientNitro wanted to do something that not only demonstrated the core values of the company, but also connect with our clients to do something good for our communities. 

So we put together a holiday campaign led by a special interactive experience that would "shake up" the way we give. Shake For Goodness Sake turns acts of kindness into pacts of kindness as SapientNitro employees all over the world make promises to do good deeds on behalf of our clients. These pacts are brought to life and fulfilled when activated, then shared with the world through pictures, videos and messages.

We're helping others help others; working together to do something good and to do it like never before. 

Milennium Promise

Millenium Promise "Our generation can be the first in history to end extreme poverty. That's our good fortune, our challenge, and our responsibility."

- Jeffrey D. Sachs, "The End of Poverty," Co-founder, Millennium Promise

Millennium Promise is the leading non-profit organization dedicated to redefining the approach to ending extreme poverty by building sustainable communities. Its flagship initiative, The Millennium Villages project, offers a bold, innovative and holistic model for helping some of the poorest rural African communities move from hunger to self-sufficiency by the year 2015.  Delivering practical – and affordable – solutions that simultaneously address interconnected challenges such as health and nutrition, education, agriculture and environment, infrastructure, gender equality and business development, the Millennium Villages Project is empowering communities to build a sustainable future and foster hope within our younger generations. 

Over the first three years, Millennium Promise villages have experienced successes such as: a 50% reduction in malaria prevalence, a tripling of the share of people with access to improved water, more than 80% of children benefiting from school meals, and more than a 40% increase in child births delivered by skilled attendants.*

As a deeply committed, long-time sponsor of Millennium Promise, Sapient is proud to be among the top five corporate partners helping Millennium Promise achieve its goals and eradicate extreme poverty one village at a time.  This 2011 holiday season we have extended our corporate promise to our friends, clients and partners by making contributions in their names toward this noble endeavor.

Children's Inn at NIH

Childrens Inn "The Children's Inn at NIH is honored to have Sapient as a long-term partner and supporter," said Kathy L. Russell, The Inn's Chief Executive Officer. The Inn relies on the generosity of corporate donors and we thank Sapient Government Services for making sure that seriously ill children and families have a "place like home" where they can stay free of charge during trying times."

The Children’s Inn at the National Institutes of Health (NIH) opens its doors to sick children and their families from all over the world. Children stay in the Inn to receive groundbreaking medical treatments at the world's leading biomedical research center, while enjoying the healing environment with their families. Since it opened its doors in 1990, the Inn has been open every day of the year, 24 hours a day, and has served 10,000 sick children while having 40,000 visits from family members.

Sapient Government Services is very proud to be a key supporter of The Children's Inn at NIH, providing hands-on volunteer time, as well as pro-bono communication strategy and visual production services. Our hands-on involvement includes numerous concerts for the children featuring the Sapient Jam Band, serving dinner for the families, and more. We have been able to support The Inn financially by sponsoring numerous fundraising events, including The Children's Inn Annual Gala "A Night for the Children" and a company-wide tennis tournament.


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    I applied online. The process took 4+ weeksinterviewed at Sapient Global Markets.

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    Applied through their dice profile. Got a call back after 2 weeks. After initial HR screening, there was a in depth 30 minute technical interview (though the role is Technical manager/Architect) as if it is for a developer.
    Called for in person interview. First hour is to architect a solution for a problem. I was given one hour to do and another an hour for review of the solution that is proposed. I liked this part - you are in a room with 4 white boards on all walls and we are asked to provide logical/physical architecture, project plan and identify risks.

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Best Workplaces in Canada, The Globe and Mail, 2012
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Chicago's Top Workplaces, Chicago Tribune, 2013
UK's 50 Best Places to Work, Financial Times, 2008
Globe 100 Top Places to Work in Boston, The Globe 100, 2012
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Competitors Accenture

Sapient Global Markets, part of Sapient (NASDAQ: SAPE), is a business consulting, technology and services provider to the capital and commodity markets. For more than two decades, we have worked with market participants, intermediaries, regulators and governments to develop and implement innovative solutions that transform their business. From advising on strategic initiatives to integrating advanced technologies into trading environments, we help firms optimize how they initiate and leverage the solutions and processes that run their front, middle and back offices... More

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